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Old bridge on Neretva, Mostar
Sunset with waves
Trebinje, Bosnia
My favorite sunset in Dobra Voda, Montenegro
Carpet of flowers - Brussels, Belgium
Zlatibot mountain in Serbia
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Summer holiday deals 2015 - Greece, Montenegro, Serbia

Long waited vacation is in fron of you, but you still dont know where to travel? We are offering you many solutions here - from real travel photos and blogs, to interesting facts about destinations, hotels and accomodation!

Montenegro - mountains, rivers and offcourse the sea...

Montenegro travel guide

Montenegro will leave you breathless - the old towns under UNESCO protection, the canyon of the river Tara, Black Lake, Bay of Kotor, Skadar Lake, romantic beaches in combination with locals and tradition - will generate memorable experiences!

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Most popular destinations in Montenegro:

Serbia - mountains, spas, rivers, lakes and great food!

Serbia travel guide

Serbia - destination you must experience. For tourists, in addition to major urban centers, there are great mountains, spas and rivers. Nature is very beautiful, it is cheap, the food is very tasty, people are friendly and will always help you. Need more reasons?

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Most popular destinations in Serbia:

Travel offers

Travel offers
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