Amsterdam and Art

If you’re familiar with the beautiful city that is Amsterdam, you might already know this. Amsterdam has a total of roughly 50 different museums, can you believe that? 50 museums in Amsterdam alone! Many people find Amsterdam itself very artistic already. The beautiful architecture you can find there, modern buildings and ones that are hundreds of years old. There is so much to love, the canals are one of many iconic things in Amsterdam. What else can you find in Amsterdam?

I amsterdam

One of the most iconic art pieces in the city itself are the ‘I amsterdam’ red and white coloured letters. These letters were located not too far from ‘Museumplein’. They are now used as a free running spot in ‘Sloterplas’. There was a huge discussion about the letters a while ago, some people wanted to get rid of them, and others started a petition to make sure they would stay. Both parties ended up having it their way in some sort of way, even though the people who wanted the letters to stay wanted to have it in the same spot. Taking a selfie with the letters will be way harder now that they are further apart and some are even flat on the ground.

Street art

You might have seen some of it before. In Amsterdam there is a lot of graffiti/street art in a lot of places. Some of these amazing pictures have been done by people who aren’t certified to do this, and some have been made by professionals who have been hired by the city to make these amazing works for them. They are on buildings, on the ground, on poles on the side of the road, these works can be found close to everywhere. If you want to see some of the bigger pieces you can see some in places like the red light district and the Street Art Museum.


If you don’t feel like going out in the typical, cold Dutch weather, you could always just go into the actual Amsterdam art museums. One I’ve already mentioned is the Street Art Museum, the art you’ll see there is mostly graffiti works and other artworks you could find on the street. Another Amsterdam art museum is the Moco Museum, this one has more modern art pieces for you to take a look at. And the architecture of the building the museum is in is also an artwork of its own.