Driving Comfort Tips, Don’t Choose the Wrong Driving Glasses

Many want to look stylish when driving day or night by using sunglasses. In addition to dispelling the heat of the sun or the lack of light at night, driving using polarized sunglasses can also make you look cooler and make your eyes comfortable while driving.

When choosing glasses, many don’t realize that some choices are not suitable for driving. Some types of sunglasses block some of the light from entering the eye and interfere with visibility.

Certain models may have a lens tint that reduces light, contrast, and colors that should be easy for the driver to distinguish. Because of this, it is important to choose the right sunglasses. The factor is the choice of frame, lens color, and density.

There is no definite guideline for eyeglass frames, but you can choose the style that suits you without reducing the best visibility. For example, if the frame is too large, it can interfere with peripheral vision or edges.

The appropriate size for driving glasses is usually aviator glasses. Apart from being full style, the frame does not block peripheral vision but still protects the eyes completely. It is very suitable to use aviator glasses with polarized sunglasses for men.

It is clear that the color of the lens if you choose the wrong one, can affect the amount of light and the difference in color that the eye sees. Research indicates pink, blue, and green lens colors should be avoided. We recommend that you choose neutral colors such as gray, and brown with polarization and types that have a yellowish tint because they can increase the contrast.

Next, the color density needs to be considered. A good sunglass lists that scale. Glasses with a scale of 0 are very clear and glasses with a scale of 4 are very dark, choosing them must be careful because it will affect the level of filtered light. This is important because inappropriate levels can cause a lack of concentration, tired eyes, and drowsiness.

While the recommended type is sunglasses that have color gradations. Usually, the glasses frame is thin with the color density at the bottom of the lens. So when the bright light can be filtered out optimally, but when it starts to get dim you can still get good vision.

Apart from that, polarized sunglass is also very good for driving. The reason is that it can reduce light reflection well. Polarized sunglasses can also be used in foggy conditions because they can increase contrast and sharpen details, polarized sunglasses for women are also available in a variety of stylish styles but still have optimal functionality, so are your sunglasses suitable for driving?