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Restaurants Austria | Restaurants in Austria - restaurant list, good restaurants, the best restaurants, recommended restaurants, list of good restaurants
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Restaurants Austria

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Vestibül Restaurant  Vienna

Vestibül Restaurant

The restaurant in the Burgtheater is an exclusive cosmopolitan brasserie with one of the most beautiful gardens in the city.
Anna Sacher Vienna

Anna Sacher

This restaurant, which has been recognized with two toques, is just as multifaceted as the character of its namesake.
Stein's Diner Vienna

Stein's Diner

There's already a lot going on in the morning at the café, and those who want to stay late go down to Stein's Diner underneath the café in the evening.
Glacis Beisl Vienna

Glacis Beisl

Classic Viennese cuisine and a large selection of Austrian wines are on the menu here.
Gergely's / Schlossquadrat Vienna

Gergely's / Schlossquadrat

The offerings in this hip district range from dignified Austrian cuisine at the Silberwirt to Italian delicacies at Trattoria Margareta.
Sky Café Restaurant Bar Vienna

Sky Café Restaurant Bar

The top floor of the Steffl department store offers an outstanding view of the heart of the city.
Das Motto Vienna

Das Motto

The Motto Restaurant has been a successful hot spot on the Viennese dining scene for years. International stars like to mingle here amongst the colorful folk of the "Motto guests".
Sausage stand at  Hohen Markt Vienna

Sausage stand at Hohen Markt

This sausage stand owes its cult status to its opening times, which stretch into the early morning hours.
Unger and Klein Vienna

Unger and Klein

Aesthetic and culinary pleasure flow together into a wonderful symbiosis in this combination of a wine shop and bar.
Osterreicher at the MAK Vienna

Osterreicher at the MAK

In this design restaurant in the MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts), star chef Helmut Österreicher prepares the best of Viennese cuisine.
Corbaci Vienna


High-quality architecture is compulsory here: the remarkable mosaic ceiling contrasts with the restaurant's otherwise minimalistic architecture.

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Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a landlocked country of roughly 8.47 million people in Central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Hungary and Slovak...

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