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Cafes Vienna | Cafes in Vienna - place with good coffee, cafes, candy, confectionery, gelato
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Cafes Vienna

Café Prückel Vienna

Café Prückel

A Ringstrasse café across from the Museum of Applied Arts; its 1950s interior doesn't just excite coffee house lovers.
Café Landtmann Vienna

Café Landtmann

This traditional Viennese coffee house has hosted Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich, Romy Schneider, Paul McCartney and Hillary Clinton, among others.
Café Diglas Vienna

Café Diglas

A traditional Viennese café in the center of the city. Pleasure is writ large here; from breakfast to dinner, there is the right dish for any time of day.
Café Central Vienna

Café Central

Café Central was the home of great poets and thinkers, movers and shakers. The charm of the most famous coffee house in the world makes every visit a special culinary experience.
Aida Vienna


Aida is a Viennese confectionery chain. The design of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, opulent desserts, excellent coffee and lots of pink are the ingredients of success.
Cafe Sacher Vienna

Cafe Sacher

Here people enjoy a time-honored Vienna coffee house tradition with a slice of Sacher-Torte.
Beach Bar  Hermann Vienna

Beach Bar Hermann

Sun, sand and a holiday feel - Strandbar Herrmann offers good food and cool drinks on the Danube Canal.
Kleines Cafe Vienna

Kleines Cafe

In this popular hip venue, you mainly see artistic people.
Café Rüdigerhof Vienna

Café Rüdigerhof

Playing cards, reading the newspaper, or chatting about God and the world: Café Rüdigerhof is very relaxed. The venue near the Naschmarkt is located in one of Vienna's most beautiful art nouveau buildings.
Cafe Hawelka Vienna

Cafe Hawelka

A Vienna institution. Hawelka's unique charm makes it a quiet and beloved gathering place for artists - just a side alley away from the Stephansplatz.
Cafe Berg Vienna

Cafe Berg

The café and the Löwenherz bookstore next door are a gathering place for Vienna's gay and lesbian community and their friends.
Das Möbel  - das Café Vienna

Das Möbel - das Café

No table is like another, and every chair looks different - and the guests can do more than eat and drink here; they can also buy the constantly changing furniture pieces.
Cafe Drechsler Vienna

Cafe Drechsler

The legendary Café Drechsler at the Naschmarkt was redesigned with great flair by British star designer Sir Terence Conran. Open 23 hours a day – the first guests are served starting at three o'clock in the morning.
Cafe Leopold Vienna

Cafe Leopold

The Viennese architecture team of Ortner & Ortner designed the café in the Leopold Museum. The café has a lot of charm and warmth, especially at twilight. Good "new" Viennese cuisine, DJs in the evening. Sidewalk café / ...

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Vienna (German: Wien, Austro-Bavarian: Wean) is the capital of the Republic of Austria and by far the largest city in Austria with its population of more than 1.7 million. Vienna hosted the Habsbur...

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