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Cafes Greece | Cafes in Greece - place with good coffee, cafes, candy, confectionery, gelato
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Cafes Greece

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Cyber Net Cafe Crete

Cyber Net Cafe

Cyber ​​Net Cafe is located on the beach in Hersonissos, hotel offers the high-speed Internet, wireless Internet access, 10 workstations with screens of 19 inches and a fully equipped bar with refreshing drinks.
Jackpot cafe Crete

Jackpot cafe

Jackpot cafe is located in the central part of the resort of Hersonissos, opposite the church. It is equipped with 15 internet stations with TFT Monitors and very powerful equipment. The visitors are available and microp...
C-Net cafe Crete

C-Net cafe

C-Net Café is the largest internet café in Hersonissos. It is located right next to McDonalds.
Piccolo bar Mykonos

Piccolo bar

With great traditional in Mykonos island, Piccolo offers you unique and special flavors. Sandwiches are made from a rich variety of the best quality's salami and cheese and are combined with salads of our production as t...
Madoupas caffe Mykonos

Madoupas caffe

Since 1957, Madoupas has been serving the best greek coffee on the island. In the afternoon, order ouzo and snacks.
Aroma Cafe  Mykonos

Aroma Cafe

Aroma Cafe Mykonos is located in the center of Mykonos Town and is the perfect place for those looking for a delicious coffee, a rich breakfast, fresh salads and the first cocktail of the night. Everything is served with...
Paradise Cocktail Bar Zakynthos

Paradise Cocktail Bar

Welcome to Paradise - Best Bar in Greece - making your holidays for the last 23 years with memories and happenings that are unforgetable. Relax and enjoy Paradises Delicious Exotic coctails. Join in our local traditional...
Kahlua Beach Bar Zakynthos

Kahlua Beach Bar

The Kahlua Beach Bar located on the famous beach of Vasilikos Banana Beach , built in front of a big rock in a unique place with umbrellas, sofas, hammocks and swing bed. There is a Beach Volley Area just a few meters fr...
Beach Bar - Resto Zakynthos

Beach Bar - Resto

Where ends the Banana Bay is the Casa Playa.The must be place for the summer. The golden sandy beach andthe blue and blue flag standards Sea completesthe existence, with the signing of Casa Playa.Casa Playa characterized...
The Captain’s Bar Thassos

The Captain’s Bar

“The Captain’s Bar”, an all-day bar (open from 10 am until 2am) is the ideal spot to enjoy a drink, relax and socialize. By the beach and near the pool, “The Captain’s Bar” serves reinvigorating fresh juice drinks and sn...
Open Cafe Thassos

Open Cafe

The Open Café is located right by the sand of Golden Beach, in Skala Potamia, Thassos. Open both day and night, take a break from underneath the hot sun and sit in the shade while you enjoy a cold beer or beverage or an ...
Karnagio bar Thassos

Karnagio bar

Any long leisurely walk beyond the Old Harbour is made eminently worthwhile when it ends at Karnagio, a nice open spot for a quiet sunset drink near the beach.
Kalamitsi Beach Bar Chalkidiki

Kalamitsi Beach Bar

Kalamitsi Beach Bar is on Kalamitsi Beach, Sithonia, Halkidiki. It is at the front of Kalamitsi Beach Apartments.
Plus Bar Laganas

Plus Bar

A recent addition to the club scene is Plus bar and club, the interior is like that of any modern club in London, Paris or Berlin, the drinks are cheap and the bar staff friendly and helpful. The music here is again a mi...
Nnoto Nei Pori


Very nice caffe bar, 20m from beach Litochoro, it is quiet place where mostly local people come to enjoy the day... At night it is a night club.

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