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History heritage Greece | History heritage in Greece - cultural monuments, important historical buildings
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History heritage Greece

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Ouranoupolis tower Ouranopolis

Ouranoupolis tower

Byzantine tower in Ouranópolis, recognizable by the name Presforio tower, built in the 14th century, before the year 1344 by a monk from Mount Athos fit with the aim to protect the area from potential attacks. It is loca...
Castle Anthousa Parga

Castle Anthousa

An impressive castle with panoramic view of Parga and the surrounding villages, located on a hill between Parga and of Agia. The fort was built by Ali Pasha, the Turkish governor of Ioannina in order to establish control...
The Venetian Castle Parga

The Venetian Castle

The castle is located on a hill above the town, built in the early 11th century with the main purpose is to protect the residents of the area from pirates and Turks. During one of the many conquerors in the 13th century,...
Tower of the Winds Athens

Tower of the Winds

The Tower of the Winds stands in the Pláka below the north side of the Acropolis. In the planning of the modern city of Athens in the 19th century. Eólou Street, named after the wind god Ailos, was aligned directly on th...
The walls of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki

The walls of Thessaloniki

The city was first fortified by Cassander when he first founded it in 315 BC. The walls of Thessaloniki as we see them today are the result of construction, extension, and repair work that went on from the fourth century...
The Galerian Palatial Complex  Thessaloniki

The Galerian Palatial Complex

Only a section of the actual palatial complex survives today but the atrium, the basilica, the octagon-throne room (restored today) allow us to understand how the large palace was.
Bey Hamam Thessaloniki

Bey Hamam

Bey Hamam , also known as Paradeisos Baths, is Thessaloniki's oldest Turkish bath, dating from 1444.
Arch of Galerius  Thessaloniki

Arch of Galerius

The Arch of Galerius, known to the people of Thessaloniki as the Kamara (meaning arch) was built in 305 AD after Galerius’ victory over the Persians. It was erected at the intersection of the Via Regia, the main road art...
Skiathos Castle Skiathos

Skiathos Castle

In the past Castle used to be one of the principal medieval towns. The town has been strategically built on a rocky cliff that extends all the way to the sea at the northern extreme of the island. There was only a slende...
Ouranoupolis Tower Chalkidiki

Ouranoupolis Tower

The Byzantine tower of Ouranoupolis village is known as the "Tower of Prosforio". It was built in the 14th century, apparently before 1344. by monks of the Vatopedi Abbey in Mount Athos, to protect the area from enemy in...
Ancient Olynthos Chalkidiki

Ancient Olynthos

The picturesque peninsula of Halkidiki is famous for its interesting archaeological sites. One such site is the archaeological site of Olynthos. Olynthos was, according to mythology, the son of Strymonas, King of Thrace,...
Rimondi Fountain Crete

Rimondi Fountain

A. Rimondi, the Rector of the city, built the famous Rimondi Fountain, which is situated at present day Platanos Square, formerly the centre of Venetian city life, in 1626. The water runs from three spouts in the shape o...
Phaistos Crete


The archaeological site of Phaistos is located 62 km south of Iraklion in the fertile plain of Messara, on Agios Ioannis hill, at an altitude of 100 m from sea level. You can access Phaistos from Iraklion taking the ...
Palace of Zakros Crete

Palace of Zakros

The palace of Zakros stands 45km to the east of the town of Sitia, in a sheltered bay on the eastern coast of Crete, oriented politically and commercially towards the major civilisations of the Middle East.The total area...
Malia Minoan Palace Crete

Malia Minoan Palace

The Minoan Palace and the archaeological site of Malia are located 3 km East of the town of Malia. From the architectural point of view the Palace of Malia, is the third- largest of the Minoan Palaces and is considered t...

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Greece is a country in Southern Europe, politically also considered part of Western Europe. Greece has land borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the...

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