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Nightlife Greece | Nightlife in Greece - fun at night, night clubs reservations, night life, rafts, dating, where to go out at night
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Nightlife Greece

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Club Apolo Crete

Club Apolo

Club Apolo is one of the most popular clubs on the island of Crete, helpful staff and bartenders are responsible for a great time.
Factory club  Crete

Factory club

Retro - Electro - Club Classics - Funky House - R 'n' B music are the guarantee a good time in the club Factory. The club can accommodate 800 guests.
Zig Zag club Crete

Zig Zag club

Club Zig Zag is one of the most popular and best nightspots in the tourist center of Malia in Crete.
Maura Mesanixta club Crete

Maura Mesanixta club

Club with live music, located in the tourist center of Chania!
New York club Crete

New York club

Club New York is one of the best places to party in Hersonissos-in, located right on the beach and is open all day until the early hours of next the morning!
Amnesia club Crete

Amnesia club

Club Amnesia was started in 2001, is one of the most popular and most frequented clubs in Hersonissos-in. The Club has great atmosphere.
Status club Crete

Status club

The bar is open 24/7, located in the heart of Hersonissos, you can enjoy inside the club with the latest hits or relax on the beautiful terrace with a cocktail of your choice.
Temple bar Crete

Temple bar

Temple Bar is an Irish pub that offers visitors a lively rock gig, bar has a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy the sea view.
Senso club Crete

Senso club

A great club, fantastic atmosphere. The club is now open every day from 12.00.
Wild Bull Bar Kos

Wild Bull Bar

Bar was started in 2000 and is considered one of the best clubs on the island of Kos.
Doors Rock Bar Kos

Doors Rock Bar

Great fun, great entertainment. Rock and roll hits.
Bar Camel Kos

Bar Camel

Camel Bar is one of the best and most popular bars on Kos. Every year thousands of visitors enjoy the unique atmosphere and good entertainment. The bar is located in the center of Kos.
Club Hush Kos

Club Hush

Hush Club is one of the most popular bars in Kos, located in the main street, the popular Bar Street.
Bar restaurant Stadium Kos

Bar restaurant Stadium

Stadium Bar restaurant is located in Italy's old aristocratic mansion, has a beautiful garden where you can enjoy good cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the town of Kos near the marina and t...
Eagles club Ouranopolis

Eagles club

Enjoy the awesome atmosphere in Eagles Club, with quality music and a wide selection of cocktails. Specialties are served throughout the night.

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