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Private accommodation Greece

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Villa Sarikas Polichrono

Villa Sarikas

Villa "SARIKAS" - is located at 200 m from the center Polychrono and 400 m from the beach. It has a 1/2 studios (2 single beds), 1/3 of the studios (3 single beds) and 1/4 duplex apartments (two separate rooms with two s...
Villa Eleni Polichrono

Villa Eleni

Villa Eleni is situated on the first finger of Halkidiki Kassandra, in Polichrono about 600 meters from the city center where there are lots of bars, restaurants, taverns, supermarkets ...
Villa Tasula  Polichrono

Villa Tasula

Villa Tasoula complex consists of four villas. The villa is located in the central part of Polychrono. Despite its location in the center of the promenade and the beach, the villa is recommended for families with childre...
Villa Theodora Polichrono

Villa Theodora

Villa Theodora is a complex composed of five villas. The villa is located in the central part of Polychrono. Despite its location in the center of the promenade and the beach, the villa is recommended for families with c...
Villa Panos  Polichrono

Villa Panos

Villa Panos is located at 140 meters from the beach. It is a newly built facility open to visitors 2008th year. In front of the villa there is a large parking lot. We offer four-and five-bed duplex apartments. The apartm...
Villa Palma Polichrono

Villa Palma

LOCATION: The villa is located in the central part of Polychrono at about 50 m from the beach. SERVICES: Hire studios and apartments.
Villa Galini Beach Polichrono

Villa Galini Beach

Villa Galini Beach is situated along the promenade on the sea shore. Close to the most beautiful part of the beach and the countryside cultivated garden, which is available to guests, the villa is the ideal choice for a ...
Villa Galini Lux Polichrono

Villa Galini Lux

Villa Galini Lux is located near the sea, in the second line of houses. It has four luxurious and comfortable four-bed suites, designed to accommodate four to six people (one bedroom with two standard beds and dressing t...
Villa Bakoli Parga

Villa Bakoli

Location: Villa Bacoli is located in a quiet area of Parga, about 5 minutes Hoa from the sea and 350m from the center. Description: Villa Bako is one of the best and most luxurious private accommodation facilities in Pa...
Villa Mimis Parga

Villa Mimis

Location: Located in the center of Parga 250m from the sea. Description: Villa Mimis is located in the center of Parga, near the church, in a quiet street right across from the bakery "Green Bakery". It has double and t...
Villa Dorita Parga

Villa Dorita

Villa Dorita is located a few minutes walk from the center of Parga and Krioneri beach. It offers accommodation in self-catering accommodation with free Wi-Fi. It has also a bar, children's playground and an outdoor swim...
Villa Babos Parga

Villa Babos

This beautiful villa is located in a quiet street in the city center. Location: 450 m from the sea, in the center of Parga. ST 02: Located on the first floor and have a king bed or two standard beds, kitchenette (fridge...
Villa Dimitriakis Parga

Villa Dimitriakis

Villa in the center of the village, located about 450m from the beach Krioneri. Studios include a bathroom, a kitchenette (mainly the hot plate machine with two heating fields, small fridge and utensils), terrace, TV, ai...
Villa Diogenis Parga

Villa Diogenis

This beautiful and luxurious villa is situated in an olive grove above Valtos beach. Location: 400m from the sea and from the old town of Parga. ST 02: The villa has double studios (double or two standard beds) with ex...
Villa Gabriel Parga

Villa Gabriel

Location: Villa Gabriel is located in a quiet area, about 450m from the center and about 5-7 minutes walk from the sea. Description: Villa Gabriel has its own garden and private parking. It has double studios and apartm...

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Greece is a country in Southern Europe, politically also considered part of Western Europe. Greece has land borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the...

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