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Theaters and art galleries Greece | Theaters and art galleries in Greece - galleries, theaters, modern art, culture
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Theaters and art galleries Greece

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Municipal Art Gallery Thessaloniki

Municipal Art Gallery

The Municipal Art Gallery was founded in 1966 and since 1986 it has been housed in the Villa Mordoch. The gallery has more than 1,000 works in its collection and these are divided into the Thessaloniki Artists Collec...
National Theatre  Rhodes

National Theatre

An imposing building on the Town Hall Square, a unique combination of the International nad Fascistic style. It is also an important specimen of the cannabic technology (Finta Pietra) and the use of glass bricks masonry ...
The National Art Gallery Athens

The National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery and Alexandros Soutzos Museum, the most important institution in Greece devoted to the subject of the history of Greek and Western European art, has been in operation, in its present form, since ...
Muslim Library Rhodes

Muslim Library

Founded towards the end of the 18th century, the Muslim Library may well be of interest to many tourists sightseeing around Rhodes. The library itself was created at the request of Ahmed Hasuf, a local Rhodian originatin...
Municipal Art Gallery Rhodes

Municipal Art Gallery

A fairly extensive collection of Greek paintings from around the 20th century is on display at the Municipal Art Gallery, and although only around 100 exhibits are available for viewing at any one time, the museum's coll...
Yeni Hamam Thessaloniki

Yeni Hamam

Yeni Hamam is a grand 17th-century Ottoman structure with great acoustics.
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is located in a former warehouse on the port, and displays historical and contemporary Greek photography, plus dynamic temporary exhibitions.

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Travel guide Greece

Greece is a country in Southern Europe, politically also considered part of Western Europe. Greece has land borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the...

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