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Chalkidiki, Greece

Chalkidiki is a peninsula in northern Greece, and one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of Central Macedonia. The autonomous Mount Athos region is part of the peninsula, but not of the regional unit. The capital of Chalkidiki is the main town of Polygyros, located in the centre of the peninsula.

The Cholomontas mountains lie in the northcentral part of Chalkidiki. Chalkidiki consists of a large peninsula in the northwestern Aegean Sea, resembling a hand with three "fingers" (though in Greek these peninsulas are often referred to as "legs") – Pallene (now Kassandra), Sithonia, and Agion Oros (the ancient Acte), which contains Mount Athos and its monasteries. Chalkidiki borders on the regional unit of Thessaloniki to the north.

There are several summer resorts on the beaches of all three fingers where other minor towns and villages are located, such as at Yerakini (Gerakina Beach), Neos Marmaras (Porto Carras), Ouranoupolis, Nikiti, Psakoudia, Kallithea (Pallene/Pallini, Athos), Sani Resort and more.

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Map of Chalkidiki »

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Chalkidiki private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

Stratos Hotel Chalkidiki Stratos Hotel

It is located 300 m from the center of Afitos, one of the most beautiful places in Chalkidiki. From Thessaloniki airport 80 km  away from the airport ...
Petrino Suites  Chalkidiki Petrino Suites

From Afitos is 1.5 km away and 75km from Thessaloniki. Close to Afitos resort, a very unusual position of the hotel is very attractive for the most de...
Eskies All Senses resort Chalkidiki Eskies All Senses resort

The hotel is located in the Gulf of Vourvourou in Sithonia, 500 m from the center of Vourvourou and 110 km from Thessaloniki. The hotel has a private ...
Blue Bay Hotel Chalkidiki Blue Bay Hotel

Hotel "Blue Bay" is located on a hill near the center of Afitos (Kassandra, Halkidiki). Circle surrounding the hotel is filled with beautiful gardens ...
Blue Dolphin Hotel Chalkidiki Blue Dolphin Hotel

The hotel is located in Sithonia. From the center of Metamorfossi is 1.5 km, and 80 km from Thessaloniki. The hotel is 50 m from the beach.
Glavas Inn Hotel Chalkidiki Glavas Inn Hotel

Glavas Inn Hotel & Resort is located 65 kilometers away from Thessaloniki, quite in the heart of Halkidiki, between Kassandra and Sithonia. The resort...
Marthas House Hotel Chalkidiki Marthas House Hotel

This family friendly hotel is located 80 km from Thessaloniki airport, 15 minutes from the capital of Halkidiki - Poligrosa and only 500 meters from t...
Diaporos Hotel Chalkidiki Diaporos Hotel

Diaporos Hotel is located in the picturesque resort of Vourvourou, near the town center and 2-3 minute walk to the beach. The hotel was completely ren...

Popular places in Chalkidiki

Portokali Beach Chalkidiki Portokali Beach

Located on the west coast of Sithonia, Portokali Beach or Orange Beach, as they also call it, lies somewhere between Sarti and Vourvourou. Its origina...
Metamorfosi Beach Chalkidiki Metamorfosi Beach

Metamorfosi Beach is located in the north western part of Sithonia, surrounded by beautiful olive groves and pine forests. Composition beaches are sma...
Nea Flogita beach Chalkidiki Nea Flogita beach

A very popular resort on the eastern side of Halkidiki, Nea Flogita get very busy due to its closeness to Thessaloniki and other busy resorts of the a...
New in this city
Porfi Beach Hotel
Porfi Beach Hotel
Porfi Beach Hotel is located in Nikiti, Sithonia. A hotel offers a comfortable and memorable vacation. It has a large swimming pool with special entertainment and is located right on the beach. Together, tropical position and good hotel ser...
Toroni beach
Toroni beach
The 3,5 km long sandy beach of Toroni combines the blue waters with the amazingly green forested countryside filled with pine trees and olive groves.
Fava beach
Fava beach
The tiny beach of Fava is located close to Vourvourou, a popular tourist resort in the peninsula of Sithonia with an incredible landscape of forested mountains. The beach is surrounded by greenery and has some of the most amazing rock f...
Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach
This is one of the beaches of the resort of Neos Marmaras but it is out of the town and located more than 1 km away from its center. There are family hotels and restaurants located along the coast but you will experience difficulties withou...
Marthas House Hotel
Marthas House Hotel
This family friendly hotel is located 80 km from Thessaloniki airport, 15 minutes from the capital of Halkidiki - Poligrosa and only 500 meters from the center of Gerakini, where there are many shops, tavernas, bars and a supermarket. The h...
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Chalkidiki weather forecast 5 days

Chalkidiki weather forecast 5 days

Latest weather conditions and short term Chalkidiki weather forecast for next 5 days. Follow us on social networks and be informed about Chalkidiki we...
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