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Private accommodation Corfu

Villa Ildi Corfu

Villa Ildi

Villa "ILDI" - is located in Dassia, 400 m from the beach and about 250 m from the center of the village, on a hill across from Eliana hotel. The villa has 1/2 (2 single beds) and 1/3 Studios (3 single beds) and 1/4 suit...
Villa Toula Corfu

Villa Toula

Location: It is located about 300 m from the beach, about 50 meters from the main street, 5 minutes walk from the center of Dassia, 10 minutes walk from the center of Ipsos, and only 15 km from Corfu town. Surrounded by ...
Villa Andreas Corfu

Villa Andreas

Location: Located in the district Dassia called Analipsi near Ipsos about 300 meters from the beach. Description: The villa is located in a quiet part of Dassia, surrounded by an abundance of greenery. It has twin stud...
Villa Platanyia Corfu

Villa Platanyia

Location: It is about 7-8 minutes walk from the beach and 600m from the center of Dassie. Description: Very good building. It has twin studies. Each studio has a fully equipped kitchenette within the room, bathroom (sh...
Villa Hermes  Corfu

Villa Hermes

Location: in the heart of Dassia, about 100 m from the sandy pebble beach, across from the Chandris hotel. Corfu Town and the airport is about 10 km to the south. In close proximity to shops, restaurants, taverns... Fa...
Villa Limani Corfu

Villa Limani

Location: Elegant villa with swimming pool, located in the center of town above the coast near the tourist harbor and promenade with restaurants and coffee shops. Beach: beautiful beach Batarilo, one of many in Kassiop...
Villa Sotiris Corfu

Villa Sotiris

Location: A beautiful villa in the center of Kassiopi, located about 100 m from the main square with a promenade along the tourist harbor with many shops, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, some of which work all n...
Villa Nelly Corfu

Villa Nelly

Location: Located in the center of Kasiopia, 150 m from the harbor and promenade with restaurants, cafes and bars. Beach: Located on the beach Kalamion. Accommodation: Villa has studios and apartments. Studios cons...
Villa Lola Corfu

Villa Lola

Location: Located close to the main street in the center of Dassia, across Chandris hotel. With its location, surrounded by greenery and swimming pool offers peace and relaxation and if it is in the center of the resort ...

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Travel guide Corfu

Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands, and, including its small satellite islands, forms the edge of the northwestern frontier of Greece. The island...

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