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Kavala, Greece

Kavala, is the second largest city in northern Greece, the principal seaport of eastern Macedonia and the capital of Kavala regional unit. It is situated on the Bay of Kavala, across from the island of Thasos. Kavala is located near the Egnatia motorway and is a two-hour drive to Thessaloniki (160 km west) and forty minutes drive to Drama (37 km north) and Xanthi (56 km east).

Kavala’ s City Hall is definitely the most impressive building of the city, with a totally diverse architectural style, that resemples Hungarian castle. Not surprisingly, since it was the house of a Hungarian tobacco merchant, baron Pierre Herzog. It was built in 1885, it was bought by the Municipality of Kavala in 1937 and ever since it houses the City Hall.

On the same street, next to the City Hall, you will find more buildings of the same period, built by foreign merchants or companies, which reflect their personal taste and wealth. They combine gothic, ottoman and new-classic elements, in a very unique way. Standing in front of the City Hall, you see on your right, Mansion Wix, built by the German baron Adolf Wix, and the Lazaristes Abbey. On your left, the big ocher-pink building, in Austrian baroque style, was built in 1909 by the Charity Sisterhood of Kavala and for many years it housed the Municipal Library. Today it is property of the Municipality of Kavala, but unfortunately it is not utilized, except for the ground flour, which occasionally houses art exhibitions.

Best beaches of Kavala

Toska Beach - Toska beach is 5 km from Kavala. It has been awarded with the "blue flag" for its clear water and its organisation. It can be reached by taking the coach to Nea Peramos. There is an entrance fee to use the facilities. On the site there is a 4 star hotel, a restaurant and a cafeteria.

Batis Beach - It is a bay, about4 km from Kavala and Batis is an organised beach awarded with the "blue flag". There is also an organised campsite with 100 designated spots for camping. There is an entrance fee to use the facilities. The visitors will find water sports, swimming pools, a pool bar, a beach bar and a playground. During the summer months it can be reached by bus No. 8 as well as by taking the coach to Nea Peramos.

Kalamitsa Beach - Organised beach of the municipality of Kavala on the west entrance of the city, awarded with the "blue flag" and accommodating a large number of bathers during the summer months. There is no entrance fee. Accessible by buses No. 4, No. 5 and No. 8. On the beach and nearby there are taverns and bars.

Perigiali Beach - On the eastern entrance of the city, 2 kilometres from the city centre. A municipal beach, partly organised and awarded with the "blue flag" every year since 2009. Buses to and from Perigiali are No. 2 and No.3. In various parts of the beach there are fish taverns.

Rapsani Beach - For those who can't leave the city, Rapsani is practically at the centre of it. A municipal beach, organised and awarded with the "blue flag" every year since 2009. There is no admission fee and it can be reached by buses No. 1, No. 4, No. 5, No. 8 and No. 10. A tavern and cafeterias are available.

Touzla or Paralia Ofryniou - Touzla or Paralia Ofryniou is a resort village located 58 km away from Kavala and 28 km away from Asprovalta. Its permanent population is about 100 inhabitants and in a short distance, you can visit the estuary of the river Strymonas and the ancient city of Amphipolis. Touzla has an organized wide and long sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. Also, you can find a few beach bars full of young people all day long. At the area there are bakeries, hotels, apartments for rent, cafes, restaurants and taverns. The night life at Touzla is very lively with bars playing music till morning.

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