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What to see Kavos

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Kavos, Greece

Originally an old fishing village. The wooded hills of Cape Aspro Cavos (just below Cavos); the southern most tip of the island, offers pleasant walks and magnificent views and on a clear day, you can see the island of Paxos. There is also a ruin of an old fortified monastery nearby.

Kavos is a village in the region of Lefkimi, in southern Corfu, where tourism has been developed during the last twenty years. Today it constitutes one of the most popular destinations for young people, between 18 and 30, since it offers sea, sun and amazing nightlife. In the past, most visitors of Kavos came from the U.K., but today Kavos attracts visitors from all over Europe.

Kavos is located 43 Km south of Corfu town, being the last village of the southern group. Along with Kavos, the whole Lefkimi region, in which it belongs, has been developed. Therefore, in this guide, when we refer to Kavos, we refer to the entire region of Lefkimi, which constitutes the lower part of Corfu.

Hotels and accomodation

In Kavos, but also in the wider region of Lefkimi, you will find hundreds of lodgings for all tastes and wallets. There are big hotel groups, apartments and rooms for rent with swimming pools, rural houses, bungalows and villas, all in very reasonable prices. If you want to live the intense nightlife you may prefer to stay relatively close to the center of Kavos. If you wish to pass your vacations a little more quietly, without being far from lively Kavos, you can choose to stay anywhere in the region of Lefkimi.

What to do in Kavos

We don’t need to say much; Kavos has it all! The party begins early in the afternoon and lasts up to sunrise or even later in the morning. And it is something that very probably you have never seen before. There are lots of bars, all flooded with people, the streets are full with people dancing (cars just can’t pass during these hours) and the music is heard throughout the entire region! As night progresses everyone moves to the clubs, where famous DJs keep the party alive until the morning light. And then, everyone moves again to the “after-clubs”!

For those who don’t want to follow this frantic rhythm and prefer something more romantic and relaxed, there are beach bars with chill out music, where they can enjoy their drink up to sunrise.

What to eat in Kavos

Food is not a problem in Kavos. You will find all types of restaurants: Barbecue, Fish taverns, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, English etc. Do not miss the traditional recipes of Corfu: pastitsada, sofrito and bourtheto. And you surely need to try the amazing fishes and seafood.

For those who get hungry during the day or night (since night in Kavos holds until the morning!) a lot of places stay open for a fast meal.

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