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Laganas, Greece

Laganas is a village and a former municipality on the island of Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Zakynthos, of which it is a municipal unit. The municipal unit Laganas covers the southernmost part of Zakynthos. Its largest towns are Mouzaki, Lithakia, Pantokratoras, Kalamaki, Laganas, and Keri.

The central and eastern part of the municipal unit are flat, but there are hills up to 450 m elevation in the west. The Zakynthos International Airport lies in the eastern part of the municipal unit, near Kalamaki. The beach village Laganas, part of the community of Pantokratoras, is on the southeastern coast. A large part of Laganas is a national park, established for the protection of turtles.

The main attraction of Laganas is the migration of the loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta), as well as partying for young Europeans. Each year during the months of June, July and August the turtles migrate to the Bay of Laganas to lay their eggs on the beach. This is a protected beach which is watched over by ecologists at all times.

Laganas is a modern beach resort, with a high proportion of nightclubs and bars. Laganas is a popular Club 18-30 destination. The main strip in Laganas consists of bars, restaurants, and tourist shops. The island is popular with British, Dutch, and German tourists.

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Map of Laganas »

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Laganas private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

Villa Stella Laganas Villa Stella

Villa Stella is located in a quiet area of ​​Laganas just 20m from the long sandy beach and from the Havana famous beach bar in Laganas (has facilitie...
Villa Spiros  Laganas Villa Spiros

It is located in the center of Laganas in a peaceful area, surrounded by floral and lush Mediterranean vegetation, are exempted from the daily and nig...
Ikaros Hotel Laganas Ikaros Hotel

Ikaros Hotel is located 10 minutes walk from the beach and the center of Laganas. We offer double and triple rooms. All rooms have a TV set, air condi...
Alex ApartHotel  Laganas Alex ApartHotel

Alex ApartHotel is located at 70 meters from the beach and 200 meters from the center of Laganas. We offer 1/2 and 1/3 studios - one room with small d...
Andreolas Hotel  Laganas Andreolas Hotel

Andreolas Hotel is located right on the beach about 300 meters from the center of Laganas. We offer double and triple rooms. All rooms have a TV set, ...
Marianna Hotel  Laganas Marianna Hotel

Marianna Hotel is located 10 minutes walk from the long sandy beach and 500 meters from the center of Laganas. We offer double and triple rooms. All r...
Villa Chrysafi  Laganas Villa Chrysafi

Villa Chrysafi - located at 50m from the beach and 400m from the center of Laganas. We offer double and triple studios located on the ground floor and...
Villa Xidis Laganas Villa Xidis

Villa Xidis located at 350m from the beach and 300 m from the center of Laganas. We offer double and triple studios located on the ground floor and fi...

Popular places in Laganas

Rescue Club Laganas Rescue Club

Rescue Club Zante, The Biggest, The Best and still the only club in Zante to hold more than 2000 people. There is not another club like Rescue Club in...
Sizzle Club Laganas Sizzle Club

Sizzle Club is on the main strip, just outside the main area of Laganas. You can't miss it, its bright red columns makes it stand out. Sizzle Club has...
Villa Lefkas Laganas Villa Lefkas

Location: It is located about 100 meters from the beach and about 300 meters from the center of Laganas in a quiet street about 200 meters from the ma...
New in this city
Medousa Club
Medousa Club
Medousa Club is one of the clubs that is in the thick of it all, located in the heart of Laganas. Medousa has two areas, the outside bar and the trendy club inside. The outside is a small terrace with a bar and some excellent flare bar tend...
Religious places
St. Dionysios church
St. Dionysios church
This church, the biggest in the city, is dedicated to the protector of the island and it is located along the seashore of Zakynthos. It was built in 1948 and it resisted the earthquake in 1953, now its bell tower is very high and stands out...
The Helmis Natural History museum
The Helmis Natural History museum
Museum is located in the small village of Agia Marina, in the centre of Zakynthos, only 15 km from the capital of the island. The mountainous nature of the village matches perfectly with the museum, whose exhibits represent the rich flora a...
Cocktail & Dreams Club
Cocktail & Dreams Club
Cocktail & Dreams Club is smack bang in the middle of Laganas. The club is situated on a upper floor level, up a flight of stairs. Don't worry if you think you might miss the stairs, as they have a sigh that can be seen from MARS!!!!!
Fun / Amusement
Diving Center Turtle Beach
Diving Center Turtle Beach
The 12m long and 4m wide diving boat is the pride and joy of the base. Diving base only allows 24 divers at most, so that comfort is ensured on the boat. It is equipped with 30 scuba tank supports, a diving platform with two ladders, suffic...
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