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Lefkada, Greece

Considered as the Caribbean of Greece, Lefkada amazes visitors with the exotic blue colour of its beaches. Connected to the mainland through a small bridge, Lefkada island can actually be accessed by car, so there is no need for ferry. This is the perfect place for families, couples and large groups of friends, as it has something for everyone. The beaches, on the western coast of Lefkada Greece, distinguish for the wonderful colour and the impressive landscape, particularly Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma. Around the island, visitors can find lovely villages with fish taverns by the sea and surrounded by lush greenery. Nidri, Vassiliki, Sivota, the Town and Agios Nikitas are beautiful places with special character each one. Source: www.greeka.com

Lefkada is the fourth biggest island of the Ionian Sea. It is situated between Corfu and Cefalonia, very close to the north-west coast of Aitoloakarnania, from which is separated with a lagoon.

The north coast of Lefkada is the Cape of Santa Mavra and the south is the Lefkatas Cape which is only five miles away from Cefalonia. The island ‘s area is 288 or 293 square km and the total surface is approximately 321.000 acres.

A sea path which was opened in the Antiquity by the Corinthians and later formed by the English in 1818 on the north coast right next to the castle of Santa Mavra, leads the boats from the calm east side of Lefkas to the Ionian Sea. Today there is a pontoon bridge in the sea path which connects Lefkada with the Akarnania mainland.

Lefkada (from the word “lefko” which means white in greek)was named after the white rocks of Cape Lefkatas which Homer used to call “white rocks” or “white edge”. On this Cape, where the sailors faced the rage of the wind and the sea, the ancient temple of God Apollo was situated.

Menandros, in one of his poems, mentions the myth of the lyric poetess Sapfo who gave a desperate end to her life by falling off the Cape when young Faon denied her love.

As the waves of the deep blue sea break on the endless white beaches of Lefkada, the love and the myth appear and the poets are born.

Lefkada is totally white, surrounded by waves and white beaches. The sunset is magic and bloody red as it sinks in the sea aura.

In the summer when the sun sets the lefkadian sky fills with thousands of stars and the plash of waves whispers endless secrets.

The uncaptured greatness of nature can carry away those who seek for adventure and wish to live an unrepeated experience, through green coasts and sandy beaches.

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Lefkada private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

We recommend:

Anesis Village studios and apartments Lefkada Anesis Village studios and apartments Lefkada
Welcome to Lefkada, the beautiful island of the Ionian and to Anesis Village. The island of Lefkada is an excellent choice for all visitors because i...
Villa Verde apartments Lefkada Villa Verde apartments

The whole are is offered for walks and cycling. It is also ideal for windserfing, fishing and diving. The blue sea, the divine beach and us, we are a...
Villa Dimitris apartments Lefkada Villa Dimitris apartments

Villa Dimitris apartments are situated 300 meters from the famous sandy beach of Agios Ioannis inLefkada with its crystal waters. Except swimming of ...
Villa Angela apartments Lefkada Villa Angela apartments

Villa Angela is a guest house with rooms, studios and apartments, situated on the beautiful island of Lefkada, also called Lefkas, one of the seven is...
Seaside Apartments Lefkada Seaside Apartments

Seaside Apartments offer a high standard of accommodation together with stunning views. They were completed in 2011 and decorated in white and our sig...
San Lazaro apartments Lefkada San Lazaro apartments

San Lazarro apartments are a newly built complex that consists of 16 apartments in a verdant and idyllic location in Perigiali, 100 metres from the se...
Olga Apartments Lefkada Olga Apartments

The Lux Apartments & Studios Villa Olga is the ideal place for everybody looking for comfortable and relaxing holiday to enjoy the natural beauty that...
Geni Garden apartments Lefkada Geni Garden apartments

We welcome you to Geni Garden, a holiday paradise with unique familial atmosphere on the island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea. Our holiday resort is ex...
Apartments Oneiro Lefkada Apartments Oneiro

Apartments Oneiro are situated above the village of Kalamitsi and have an incredible view over the village and the sea. It is like a dream (Oneiro in ...

Popular places in Lefkada

Agiofili beach Lefkada Agiofili beach

The beach is located 40 km south of Lefkada town, its a small beach that is located near the tourist center of Vassiliki.
Kaminia beach Lefkada Kaminia beach

The beach is located 4 km west of the city of Lefkada.
Nidri beach Lefkada Nidri beach

The beach is located 17 km south of Lefkada town. This is the best organized and equipped beach on the island.
New in this city
Apartments for rent
Christina Studios
Christina Studios
Christina Studios are located in Ligia od Lefkada island. The hotel consists of 3 buildings containing studios (2-3 persons) and apartments (4-5 persons). All rooms are fully equipped to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay in the sun in...
Hotel Santa Marina
Hotel Santa Marina
Santa Marina Hotel is ideally located on the hill above the village of Agios Nikitas. The modern hotel is decorated in a traditional Greek style. There are 56 rooms where you can locate more than 4 people. All rooms are spacious and comfort...
Private accommodation
Villa Metropol
Villa Metropol
Studio: Kitchenette dishes with accessories, furniture for sitting on the terrace, Air condition, Bathroom with a shower, tv. Renovated Double bed studios are located on the third floor. Beautiful villa surrounded greenery, located 50 mete...
Hotel Kalypso
Hotel Kalypso
Kalypso Hotel was built in 1991 in a completely traditional style and situated in the center, surrounded by lush vegetation, just 150 meters from the beach as it provides an unrestricted view of the sea.
Apartments for rent
Iris Studios
Iris Studios
Iris Studios is an ideal place for those who want a peaceful holiday and enjoying the natural beauty of the divine beaches of Lefkada. There are 16 spacious rooms equipped with all amenities and a magnificent view of the Ionian Sea. Distanc...
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