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Parga, Greece

Parga is situated in the Preveza prefecture in the south western part of Epirus. Today the area of Parga includes the villages of Agia, Anthoussa, Agia Kiriaki &, of course, Parga. With approximately 4000 inhabitants it is the most important tourist destination of Epirus and one of the most famous Greek tourist resorts.

As well as specializing in tourism Parga also produces fine olive oil, one of the best in the area. Her beautiful nature, spectacular coast line, the lovely beaches and the emerald colors of the olivgroves makes her the jewel of Epirus.

Due to some archaeological findings, it is believed that Parga has been inhabited since the Neolithic times. However, Parga appears more clearly in the greek history since the Byzantine times. Along its history, the city has been conquered by the Venetians, who built the castle of Parga, and has been destroyed by pirates. It has also been under the rule of the Russians and the British, who finally sold it to Ali Pasha, in the 19th century.

Apart from archaeological sites, Parga also has beautiful scenery. A large portion of the greenery surrounding the town consists of huge olive trees, planted by the Venetians in the 16th century. In fact, the olive oil production consists a major income for its inhabitants. The houses of Parga are amphitheatrically built, scattered along a sheltered bay.

Although Parga is not an island, you could say that it does have a certain "island vibe". Moreover, Parga has developed many tourist facilities, along these last years. Most restaurants offer traditional, homemade greek food and there are many places to stay, from camping areas and rooms to rent to luxurious hotels. The local residents are also very friendly. Most tourists are Greek, who want to spend some relaxing days, but Parga also has many Italian visitors, due to its closeness to the Italian coast. Last but not least, the surroundings of Parga have some picturesque villages and nice beaches to visit. These beaches can be reached on foot or by boat from the harbor and are bound to give you relaxing moments. A visit to Parga assures special vacations, with the possibility to enjoy this town and to explore the rich natural area around it.

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Map of Parga »

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Parga private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

We recommend:

Villa Fotis Parga Villa Fotis Parga
The villa is located near the entrance of Parga, among olive groves. It is located 400m from  Piso Krioneri beach which is small and very sweet. Vil...
Villa Bakoli Parga Villa Bakoli

Location: Villa Bacoli is located in a quiet area of Parga, about 5 minutes Hoa from the sea and 350m from the center. Description: Villa Bako is one...
Villa Mimis Parga Villa Mimis

Location: Located in the center of Parga 250m from the sea. Description: Villa Mimis is located in the center of Parga, near the church, in a quiet s...
Korali apartments Parga Korali apartments

Located on the beach Krioneri, Coralli villa is just 200 meters from the center of Parga. Accommodation units offered terrace or balcony with sea or m...
Diamond 2 apartments Parga Diamond 2 apartments

Built the year 2002 beside the bay of Parga, Villa Diamond is surrounded by 4000 square meters of olive and lemon trees. It consists of 8 ground floor...
Villa Dorita Parga Villa Dorita

Villa Dorita is located a few minutes walk from the center of Parga and Krioneri beach. It offers accommodation in self-catering accommodation with fr...
Maria apartments Parga Maria apartments

Villa Maria is a family owned and located in the coastal town of Parga, 150 meters from the beach and a short walking distance of restaurants, bars an...
Villa Pelagos Parga Villa Pelagos

Built on a hill Kanali, only 150 meters from the beach Valtos, Pelagos resort offers panoramic views of the Ionian Sea. It is surrounded by beautifull...
Sivota Diamond Spa Resort Hotel Parga Sivota Diamond Spa Resort Hotel

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort is a modern 5-star hotel facing the Ionian Sea in the Sivota Igoumenitsa. The resort is located at Sivota hill overlooking t...

Popular places in Parga

Villa Two Brothers Parga Villa Two Brothers

The villa is exceptionally maintained, located in a prime location, away from the town center a few minutes walk or 250 meters from the promenade and ...
Lichnos beach Parga Lichnos beach

Lichnos Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Epirus, located 4 km south of Parga. You will enjoy the atmosphere of dark blue color of the sea...
Agios Ioannis Beach Parga Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis beach or Ai-Giannakis as some call it, is a beautiful small beach of white sand and gravel located 6 km from Parga. The beach is surroun...
New in this city
Parga beach Hotel
Parga beach Hotel
Parga Beach Resort is a beachfront resort in Parga, consisting of neoclassical Venetian style bungalows, surrounded by 350 year old olive trees and a fabulous garden with over 500 plants and flowers. Magical, isn’t it? The Parga Beach Reso...
Domotel Agios Nikolaos Hotel
Domotel Agios Nikolaos Hotel
Domotel Agios Nikolaos is heaven on earth, a luxury resort, ideally located in the traditional village of Sivota, a unique Ionian Islands destination, surrounded by natural beauty, ever blue and crystal sea, calmness and luxuriant vegetatio...
Regina Mare Club Hotel
Regina Mare Club Hotel
Hotel Regina Mare is situated in a picturesque location on the beach Karavostasi, with lush greenery in the background. Located in Perdiccas, between Sivota and Parga. All rooms have a unique view of the sea and the islands of Paxi and Cor...
Valtos beach
Valtos beach
The beach is located west of the city close to Venice castle, from Parga center is 20 minutes away by foot, to the beach it can be reached by car, bike or boat. The beach is over 3 km long.
Apartments for rent
Korali apartments
Korali apartments
Located on the beach Krioneri, Coralli villa is just 200 meters from the center of Parga. Accommodation units offered terrace or balcony with sea or mountain view. Free wireless internet is available throughout the building. Accommodation ...
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Parga weather forecast 5 days

Parga weather forecast 5 days

Latest weather conditions and short term Parga weather forecast for next 5 days. Follow us on social networks and be informed about Parga weather cond...
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