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Beaches Parga | Beaches in Parga - best local beaches, here to go to beach, best beaches in local area
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Beaches Parga

City beach Parga

City beach

The town beach is located not far from the city center, the beach offers a magnificent view of the island of Panagia located nearby. Near the beach there is a large number of hotels and restaurants.
Valtos beach Parga

Valtos beach

The beach is located west of the city close to Venice castle, from Parga center is 20 minutes away by foot, to the beach it can be reached by car, bike or boat. The beach is over 3 km long.
Lichnos beach Parga

Lichnos beach

Lichnos Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Epirus, located 4 km south of Parga. You will enjoy the atmosphere of dark blue color of the sea and surrounding trees. The beach is sandy, equipped with beach furnit...
Sarakiniko Beach Parga

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach is only 12 km from Parga, located near the village of Agia. The picturesque part sandy, partly gravel beach exudes calm thanks to the old olive trees that slowly descends into the bay. Although the beach...
Agios Ioannis Beach Parga

Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis beach or Ai-Giannakis as some call it, is a beautiful small beach of white sand and gravel located 6 km from Parga. The beach is surrounded by rocky hills and cliffs which protect against strong winds and b...
Piso Krioneri beach Parga

Piso Krioneri beach

The beach is located near Krioneria. Its well protected by the hill that protects it from harsh weather conditions. At the top of the hill is the church of St. Athanasius. The beach is visited but it was never too crowde...

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Travel guide Parga

Parga is situated in the Preveza prefecture in the south western part of Epirus. Today the area of Parga includes the villages of Agia, Anthoussa, Agia Kiriaki &, of course, Parga. With approximately ...

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