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Hotels Parga | Hotels in Parga - good hotels, cheap hotels, hotel prices, recommended hotels
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Hotels Parga

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort Hotel Parga

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort Hotel

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort is a modern 5-star hotel facing the Ionian Sea in the Sivota Igoumenitsa. The resort is located at Sivota hill overlooking the famous beach Mourtemeno. In the Gulf Mourtemeno, guests can enjoy v...
Salvator Villas & Spa Hotel Parga

Salvator Villas & Spa Hotel

Salvator Hotel Villas & Spa is situated on a hill with greenery, offering a view of the lush olive groves and the Ionian Sea. In addition to the spa facilities, outdoor swimming pool and hot tubs, the hotel offers boutiq...
Regina Mare Club Hotel Parga

Regina Mare Club Hotel

Hotel Regina Mare is situated in a picturesque location on the beach Karavostasi, with lush greenery in the background. Located in Perdiccas, between Sivota and Parga. All rooms have a unique view of the sea and the isl...
Parga Princess Hotel Parga

Parga Princess Hotel

Located only 400 meters from the beach Valtos, Parga Princess Boutique hotel offers stunning views of the sea and the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. It offers free Wi-Fi and cable internet throughout the building. The ...
Parga beach Hotel Parga

Parga beach Hotel

Parga Beach Resort is a beachfront resort in Parga, consisting of neoclassical Venetian style bungalows, surrounded by 350 year old olive trees and a fabulous garden with over 500 plants and flowers. Magical, isn’t it? ...
Ornella Hotel Parga

Ornella Hotel

 Downhilling towards the hotel and watching the beautiful beach of Bella Vraka you enter the main building, which includes the hotel reception, the bar and the restaurant. By viewing the beautiful and lush island of St. ...
Lichnos Beach Hotel Parga

Lichnos Beach Hotel

Lichnos Beach Hotel, is a luxury resort in Parga, north-west Greece, set above the crystal clear steel-blue Ionian Sea, in the heart of Lichnos bay. The amiable beach hotel and luxury resort in Parga, located on 25.000 ...
Domotel Agios Nikolaos Hotel Parga

Domotel Agios Nikolaos Hotel

Domotel Agios Nikolaos is heaven on earth, a luxury resort, ideally located in the traditional village of Sivota, a unique Ionian Islands destination, surrounded by natural beauty, ever blue and crystal sea, calmness and...
Albatros Hotel Parga

Albatros Hotel

Hotel Albatros is located in Sivota, near Parga, Perdika, Igoumenitsa and across northern Corfu and Paxos. Sivota promise unforgettable holidays fully renovated rooms of our hotel which has pioneered the hospitality, com...

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Travel guide Parga

Parga is situated in the Preveza prefecture in the south western part of Epirus. Today the area of Parga includes the villages of Agia, Anthoussa, Agia Kiriaki &, of course, Parga. With approximately ...

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