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Hotels Thassos | Hotels in Thassos - good hotels, cheap hotels, hotel prices, recommended hotels
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Hotels Thassos

Ioannis Hotel Thassos

Ioannis Hotel

Ioannis Hotel is a modern 3-star hotel and has 70 rooms, located just 100 meters from the beach, on the eastern side of the island. It is a land of contrasts where endless golden beaches meets rocky mountains and evergre...
Ilio Mare Hotel Thassos

Ilio Mare Hotel

Ilio Mare Resort is one of the best resorts on the island and is located minutes from the beach. It Offers to its guests elegant rooms and spacious suites. In front of the hotel there are beautiful palm trees, tropical g...
Aethria Hotel Thassos

Aethria Hotel

The hotel's lush, green garden provides fresh feeling of isolation and is in line with the island's mountains and the deep blue sea. The kindness and hospitality combined with the services and accommodations that the hot...
Trypiti Hotel Thassos

Trypiti Hotel

Tripiti hotel is surrounded by green gardens, a large swimming pool and a pool for small children, and it is the perfect place to get away from the heat and relax with summer treats. Around the Pool Bar are served a vari...
Makryammos Bungalows Hotel Thassos

Makryammos Bungalows Hotel

Makriammos bungalows occupy 30 hectares of forest land leading to the sea. At only 2 km from the main port of Thassos - Limenas is this hotel which is one of the few located in unspoiled, natural beauty.
Makedon Hotel Thassos

Makedon Hotel

The hotel's motto is "Come as a guest and leave as a friend" The hotel staff is doing everything to make this sentence into reality. Located in a very good location 100 meters from the beach, 300 meters from the town of ...
Hotel vila Natasa Thassos

Hotel vila Natasa

Villa Natasha is a hotel built among olive groves overlooking the northern Aegean Sea. Located in the region of small town Skala Paxi Rahoni, near the Gulf Glifoneri. Natural beauty and pine trees along the coast are the...
Aeolis Hotel Thassos

Aeolis Hotel

The newly built hotel in the south east of Thassos in Astris, about 200 m from the beach, 7 km from Potosi. The hotel has 45 rooms. Hotel facilities: reception, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, children's pool, fitness,...
Aeria Hotel Thassos

Aeria Hotel

Location: 200 m from the beach, 7 km from Potos, 10 km from Limenaria. The hotel is located on a hill, consists of a main building and three buildings that each has around 18 rooms. Hotel facilities: reception, restaura...
Alea Hotel Thassos

Alea Hotel

Alea Hotel & Suites is newly built in a modern and elegant style, in several 1 to 2 storey buildings. It is situated on a 30,000 m² ground, on a beautiful long gently sloping sandy beach, offering a genuine holiday exper...
 Alexandra Beach Hotel Thassos

Alexandra Beach Hotel

On the beautiful island of Thassos, near the village of Potos, a small heaven awaits you in a picturesque place with an emerald pure sea, multicolored sunsets and an amazing view to the Aegean Sea. Surrounded by 500 acre...
Alexandra Golden Hotel Thassos

Alexandra Golden Hotel

Royal Paradise Beach Resort & Spa is a new five - star hotel, where luxury competes with high quality services and the aesthetics of the interior decoration matches the sensation of fullness. 77 rooms & suites fully equ...
Atrium Hotel Thassos

Atrium Hotel

Small and charming, the Atrium Thassos 4 Star Hotel in the village of Potos, Thassos Island, Greece, offers a fresh and contemporary style to authentic Thassos Island living. Located at the southern end of Thassos Island...
Blue Dream Palace Hotel Thassos

Blue Dream Palace Hotel

The Blue Dream Palace hotel is located on the most exquisite region of Thassos. It is built on the wonderful Tripiti beach of Limenaria. Famous for its exceptional level of services as well as the catering and recreation...
Lido Hotel Thassos

Lido Hotel

Location: 600 m from the beach, in the town of Limenas. The hotel was renovated 2006th year and has 15 rooms. Hotel facilities: reception, restaurant, swimming pool, safe deposit, internet, parking. Standard room: ai...

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Travel guide Thassos

Thasos or Thassos is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, close to the coast of Thrace and the plain of the river Nestos but geographically part of Macedonia. It is the northernmost Greek island...

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