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Private accommodation Thassos

Villa Chrissa Thassos

Villa Chrissa

Villa "Chrissa" - located in the center of Limenaria, only 50m from the long sandy beach. It's at nice position, located in a quiet street and only minutes walk to the city center and the sea.
Villa Eleni Thassos

Villa Eleni

Location: It is located about 200m from the beach and 150m from the center of Potos Description: There are several villas in Potos, which are named Eleni, but this house is newer, very nice and well equipped. One of the...
Villa Gregoris Thassos

Villa Gregoris

Location: It is located about 10 meters from the sea in the center of Potos Description: It has single and double rooms with extra bed (sofa bed), some of which have a direct view of the sea. All rooms have a bathroom (...
Villa Anastasia Thassos

Villa Anastasia

Location: It is located about 200m from the beach and about 300m from the center of Potos Description: The house is well positioned, with clean and spacious accommodation units. It has a four-bed apartments (two rooms),...
Villa Jorgos Thassos

Villa Jorgos

Location: It is located about 5 minutes walk from the beach and 200m from the center of Potos Description: It has double, triple and four-bed apartments (two rooms), double and triple studios. All rooms have fully equip...

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Travel guide Thassos

Thasos or Thassos is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, close to the coast of Thrace and the plain of the river Nestos but geographically part of Macedonia. It is the northernmost Greek island...

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