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Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos, also Zante, the other form often used in English and in Italian, is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the third largest of the Ionian Islands. Zakynthos is a separate regional unit of the Ionian Islands region, and its only municipality. It covers an area of 410 km2 and its coastline is roughly 123 km in length. The island is named after Zakynthos, the son of a legendary Arcadian chief Dardanus. The name, like all similar names ending in -nthos, is pre-Mycenaean or Pelasgian in origin. Zakynthos has a thriving tourism industry.

The most famous landmark of the island is the Navagio beach. It is a cove on the southwest shore, isolated by high cliffs and accessible only by boats. The beach and sea floor are made of white pebbles, and surrounded by turquoise waters. It is named after a shipwreck (MV Panagiotis) which sunk on the shore around 1980. The ridge area from Anafonitria has a small observation deck which overlooks the shipwreck and there is a monastery nearby.

Numerous "Blue Caves", are cut into cliffs around Cape Skinari, and accessible only by small boats. Sunrays reflect through blue sea water from white stones of cave bottoms and walls, creating interesting effects.[14] Keri is located in the far south of the island. It is a mountain village and has a lighthouse in the south. It includes a panorama of the southern part of the Ionian Sea. The whole western shore, from Keri to Skinari, contains numerous interesting rock formations, particularly arches.

Northern and eastern shores contain numerous wide sandy beaches, many of which are packed with tourists in summer months. The largest resort is Laganas, whose beach stretches around 10 km. Small Xigia beach in the north is noted for its underwater springs rich in sulphur, which gives it a characteristic odour.

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Map of Zakynthos »

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Zakynthos private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

Hotel Alexandra Beach Zakynthos Hotel Alexandra Beach

The hotel is located near the town of Zakynthos, on the nicest part of the beach in Tsilivi. Fantastic view that stretches from every corner of the ho...
Hotel Belvedere Luxury Suites Zakynthos Hotel Belvedere Luxury Suites

Situated on a hillside, only 5 minutes walk from the beach, Gerakas Belvedere Luxury Suites Hotel offers comfortable accommodation in apartments with ...
Hotel Diana Palace Zakynthos Hotel Diana Palace

Fully air-conditioned, this 4-star hotel is in a great location, a few minutes from the beach and only 3 km away from the town of Zakynthos. Guests ha...
Lesante Hotel & Spa Zakynthos Lesante Hotel & Spa

Lesante Hotel is 5 star hotel and is located just 80 meters from the beach in Tsilivi. It has 3 pools, 2 hot tubs and children's pool. stylish rooms...
Vassilikos Beach hotel Zakynthos Vassilikos Beach hotel

Vassilikos Beach Hotel is located in the Gulf of St. Nicholas, at 150 meters from two sandy beaches. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden and offers...
Zante Royal Resort Hotel  Zakynthos Zante Royal Resort Hotel

The hotel is located on a wooded hill above the beautiful beach. Distance from Zakynthos town is 15 km and 17 km from the airport. The hotel is orient...
Aparthotel Meridien Beach Zakynthos Aparthotel Meridien Beach

Location: 300 m from the sandy beach, 700 m from the center of Laganas. The hotel has 62 studios and apartments. Hotel facilities: swimming pool wit...
Eleana Hotel Zakynthos Eleana Hotel

Location: 250 m from the beach, in Argassi. The hotel has 44 rooms. Hotel facilities: Reception, safe deposit, swimming pool, bar, snack bar, parkin...

Popular places in Zakynthos

Makris Gialos Beach Zakynthos Makris Gialos Beach

Makris Gialos Beach is situated 30 km to the north of Zakynthos town. The beach doesn’t usually get crowded in the summer, because it is not organized...
Navagio Beach Zakynthos Navagio Beach

The beach of Navagio or Shipwreck is the most famous of Zakynthos beaches and one of the most famous of all Greece. It is the trademark of the island ...
Kahlua Beach Bar Zakynthos Kahlua Beach Bar

The Kahlua Beach Bar located on the famous beach of Vasilikos Banana Beach , built in front of a big rock in a unique place with umbrellas, sofas, ham...
New in this city
Makris Gialos Beach
Makris Gialos Beach
Makris Gialos Beach is situated 30 km to the north of Zakynthos town. The beach doesn’t usually get crowded in the summer, because it is not organized. However, Makris Gialos beach has a sandy seashore and crystal waters, ideal for snorkeli...
Religious places
Church of the Lady of the Angels
Church of the Lady of the Angels
A beautiful, picturesque, small stone church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Built back in 1687 by the guild of notaries the church was later destroyed by the earthquake of 1953 but then very quickly restored keeping its original form. Outsid...
Ethno villages
Volimes village
Volimes village
The village of Volimes is made of two villages: Ano (Up) Volimes and Kato (Down) Volimes.
Agios Sostis Beach
Agios Sostis Beach
Agios Sostis is a rather small and picturesque beach located 11km southwest of Zakynthos Town, on the southern coast of the island. The tiny island of Agios Sostis offers a spectacular beauty due to its unusual rock formation, the small cav...
Palazzo di Zante Hotel
Palazzo di Zante Hotel
Location: 150 m from the Mavracis sandy beach on a gentle slope of Vassilikos peninsula, 15 km from the town of Zakynthos and 17 km from the airport. The hotel has 166 rooms. Hotel offers a restaurant, a la carte snack restaurant, lobby b...
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