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Beaches Montenegro | Beaches in Montenegro - best local beaches, here to go to beach, best beaches in local area
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Beaches Montenegro

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Ploce Dobra Voda Veliki Pijesak


The beach was destroyed several times by the waves, in 2012 it was given a completely new look. In it, people gather from a few houses in the area and the place is very quiet. The whole beach is stone and concrete and en...
Mali Pijesak beach Dobra Voda Veliki Pijesak

Mali Pijesak beach

Mali Pijesak is pebble beach located near the Veliki Pijesak beach, it can be reached by footpath, and if you go by car closest parking is on the main road above the beach, after the bridge "Sprenik".
Big rocks Dobra Voda Veliki Pijesak

Big rocks

Beach with the large stones, not many people bathing in it since the entrance to the water is full of sharp rocks and sea urchins. Usually serves for afternoon fishing or to enter a boat in the sea and their extraction w...
Memorial Beach Dobra Voda Veliki Pijesak

Memorial Beach

The beach is housed at rocks, it is most commonly place of gathering people from nearby houses. Usually is not crowded because in the environment there is nothing interesting for tourists. Veliki Pijesak beach can be rea...
Beach Veliki Pijesak Dobra Voda Veliki Pijesak

Beach Veliki Pijesak

Although it is a small place, Veliki Pijesak beach attracts a lot of visitors because the beach and the water is very clean. Beach contains many restaurants but also place for a night out. If you like romantic sunsets ...
No name beach Dobra Voda Veliki Pijesak

No name beach

The beach is long and rocky but highly place for vacation as there are no people in the area.
Red beach Sutomore

Red beach

Red Beach is located in a small bay between Sutomore and Bar. The name comes from its extremely red color of sand. Length of the beach is 50m, the area is 600 m2.
Sutomore beach Sutomore

Sutomore beach

The main Sutomore beach is one of the longest beaches on the Montenegrin coast, the length of about 2 km offers tourists a pleasant stay. This part of the coast is known for its large number of sunny days during the year...
Przno beach Sveti Stefan

Przno beach

Przno is a little place near the St. Stefan, separated mainly by guests with deeper pockets. Przno Beach stretches from the Cape Kamenovo to Cape Milocer and its 260 m long. Above the beach is a village of the same name,...
Drobni Pesak beach Sveti Stefan

Drobni Pesak beach

Drobni Pesak is located between St. Stefan and Rezevici in a hidden cove, 240 meters long. The whole beach, as her name suggests, is of fine sand of yellow and white colors. On the beach there is a restaurant with beach ...
Perazića do beach Sveti Stefan

Perazića do beach

Beach Perazića do is located below the monastery Rezevici. It is small sandy beach, housed between two rocky cliffs.
Rijeka Rezevica beach Sveti Stefan

Rijeka Rezevica beach

On the foam of the sea, in the heart of the surrounding ambient, between Petrovac and St. Stefan surrounded by olive trees and stone sinkholes. Beach Rijeka Rezevici is located approximately 6 km from Petrovac.
Sveti Stefan beach Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan beach

Sveti Stefan Beach is located beside beside the eponymous peninsula that has been converted into a luxury hotel. The beach is covered with red gravel that is going to the right side turns to stone.
King's Beach Sveti Stefan

King's Beach

King's Beach is once served the king to bathe, today has been converted into private property AMAN resort. The beach can be reached by a small road through a pine forest, the beach is completely separate from the tourist...
Queen's Beach Sveti Stefan

Queen's Beach

To the Queen's beach can be reached from Milocer or from the direction of Sveti Stefan. Queen's Beach in the last few years has been completely closed to tourists because there are bathed government officials, as is now ...

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Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south-west and is bordered by Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the nort...

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