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Religious places Montenegro | Religious places in Montenegro - churches, monastir, synagogs, mosque
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Religious places Montenegro

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Saint Thomas Church Becici

Saint Thomas Church

In the central part of the village on a hill above the beach in a pine forest is the Church of St. Thomas.
The church of St. Petka Sutomore

The church of St. Petka

The building is built in the XIII century, of quarry stone. Located in Sutmore, suburb of Bar. The church of Sv. Petka was Orthodox religious building, but after time got the second Catholic facility.
 Church of St. Nicholas Kotor

Church of St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas is the most important Orthodox Church in Kotor. Located in the northern part of the old town. It was built in the early twentieth century, at foundations of an older building that was destroyed by fire in ...
St. Luke's Church Kotor

St. Luke's Church

St. Luke's Church, housed in the old town at Piazza Greco. It was built during the reign of Serbian dynasty Nemanjic, at the end of XII century. By the middle of the seventeenth century church of St. Luke was a Catholic ...
Cathedral Sv.Tripuna Kotor

Cathedral Sv.Tripuna

Cathedral of St. Tryphon is one of the symbols of the city of Kotor. It is located on the square, next to the Diocese of Kotor - palace Drago. Sv.Tripun Cathedral is the most important monument of medieval Kotor. It wa...
Savina Monastery Herceg Novi

Savina Monastery

Savina Monastery is located next to Herceg Novi, and was made in the lush vegetation at one of the nicest parts of the northern Montenegrin coast. The monastery consists of three churches: Small temple Assumption of the ...
Church of the Holy Archangel Michael Herceg Novi

Church of the Holy Archangel Michael

Church of St. Archangel Michael in today's main square of the Old Town, Herceg Stjepan Square - which is popularly referred to as Belavista, is one of the gems of Boka construction,, owes its architectural and artistic p...
Church of St. George Herceg Novi

Church of St. George

Church of St. George is located at Topla, built immediately after the capture of the city by the Venetians and restored 1848.
Church of St. Saviour Herceg Novi

Church of St. Saviour

Church of St. Saviour's is located on Topla. Construction of the church began 1709, in addition to the Church of St. George, and the church was completed 1713. Its appearance today has received in 1864.
Monastery Praskvica Sveti Stefan

Monastery Praskvica

Praskvica Monastery is located on a hill above Milocer and St. Stefan. Named after a nearby spring whose water smells like peaches, which people here call praske. The monastery is the spiritual and political center of Pa...
Mosque Omerbacić Bar

Mosque Omerbacić

The mosque is located in the old bar. It was created in the late seventeenth century. Simply built, rectangular, with the minaret built along the southwest wall. In addition to the mosque at the entrance to the complex, ...
Monastery Rezevici Petrovac

Monastery Rezevici

Rezevici Monastery is located on the picturesque and green plateau above the sea shore in the reach of Petrovac. By tradition once were here pagan temples and ancient cemetery of Greek and Roman families. Serbian King ...
Church - Mosque Ulcinj

Church - Mosque

The church - mosque is located in the Old Town. It combines period of XIV to XVI century. As part of the old building is the Church of St. Mary, built in 1510. On the west side of the church is well preserved original ch...
Pasha Mosque Ulcinj

Pasha Mosque

Pasha Mosque is located in the center of Ulcinj. This building dates from the Turkish period. Pasha Mosque was built in the 1719, and its endowment of Klic Alija from Constantinople.
Church of St. Roch Tivat

Church of St. Roch

It was built in 1901, its located in Donja Lastva on the shore. Together with a bell tower. The church is an interesting icon that represents St. Tryphon, the work of famous Greek icon painter Elias Moskos.

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