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Restaurants Montenegro | Restaurants in Montenegro - restaurant list, good restaurants, the best restaurants, recommended restaurants, list of good restaurants
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Restaurants Montenegro

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Restaurant Palma Becici

Restaurant Palma

If we take as a measure of ratio of price and quality, the restaurant "Palma" is definitely one of the best restaurants in Becici. The service is very good, and on location not even have to talk - the restaurant is locat...
Restaurant Porat Rafailovici

Restaurant Porat

Porat Restaurant is located on the sea front in place Rafajlovići possesses, three large terraces that are located in a beautiful ambience filled with greenery. Comfortable and warm atmosphere will leave a special impres...
Caffe Restaurant Makao Sutomore

Caffe Restaurant Makao

A large selection of ready meals, pasta, pizza, grilled meat and fish dishes. We are at the end of Sutomore beach next to the disco Malibu. Ensure the quality of our services
Tavern Galija Sutomore

Tavern Galija

"Tavern Galija" is a 4-star restaurant, located on Sutomore promenade along the coast. True gourmets here can also enjoy a wide selection of local and international delicacies, and a beautiful view of the sea that extend...
Montenegro restaurant Sutomore

Montenegro restaurant

Restaurant "Montenegro 3" offers optimal conditions for rest and recreation. Maximum quality, quantity and level of service with the best price at the Montenegrin coast are our guarantee of good business. The restaurant ...
Restaurant Velji Mlin Kotor

Restaurant Velji Mlin

Velji Mill Tavern is located in Radanović on the road Budva-Tivat. In the beautiful surroundings gives you the opportunity to enjoy the dishes of local and international cuisine.
Old Mill Kotor

Old Mill

For more than three decades old mill restaurant offers both exclusive dishes as well as local cuisine of high quality. Old mill rests on the river Ljuta, which flows into the magnificent Bay of Kotor. In front of the res...
Castello restaurant Kotor

Castello restaurant

Castello restaurant is an elite five-star restaurant located in the municipality of Kotor, in Radanovici. In our restaurant you will feel the spirit of the Mediterranean in our daily culinary offer. Castello offers Medit...
Tavern Lanterna Kotor

Tavern Lanterna

Tavern "Lanterna" is located at the beginning of Prcanj, 3 km from Kotor. Includes indoor facility in an old stone house and a terrace on the sea shore. Rich offer specialties of national cuisine, seafood and meat dishes...
Restaurant Ellas Kotor

Restaurant Ellas

Ellas consists of a restaurant with kitchen, garden with lots of greenery and a terrace with superb views of the bay. Within the Ellas is cocktail bar with its own terrace on the sea shore where with pleasant ambient coa...
Restaurant Silver moon Kotor

Restaurant Silver moon

Unique in its location, Silver Moon restaurant is designed with a view of the Boka-Kotor bay. Great food, professional service and a fantastic location will contribute to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In our re...
Restaurant Kala Longa Herceg Novi

Restaurant Kala Longa

At the heart of the old town of Herceg Novi, at walls of the Old Town facing the beautiful bay of Herceg and Igalo, there is a restaurant Cala Longa. From the spacious terrace restaurants zou can enjoy at unique view of ...
Restaurant Klub književnika Herceg Novi

Restaurant Klub književnika

In the center of Herceg Novi, the home of Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric, just 50 meters from the beach there is a restaurant Writers Club. This is a gathering place for the famous, the meeting place of poets, actors. In ...
Papagaj Restaurant Herceg Novi

Papagaj Restaurant

Restaurant "Papagaj" grew out of a desire for a place where you will make you feel comfortable and relaxed like at home. Yes you can stop by for a short break or do us the honor of being part of an important event for yo...
Perla Restaurant Herceg Novi

Perla Restaurant

On the high seas, beautiful ambience with a whisper of the Mediterranean sea and the sounds will leave an unforgettable experience for you. After sunbathing, swimming, walking, partying, with coffee on the spacious summe...

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Travel guide Montenegro

Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south-west and is bordered by Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the nort...

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