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Tourist attractions Montenegro | Tourist attractions in Montenegro - tourist attractions, thing sto see, what to see in, city walks
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Tourist attractions Montenegro

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Dobre Vode - panorama Dobra Voda Veliki Pijesak

Dobre Vode - panorama

Alongside the road exists separate part (position) where you can stop the car to take pictures of Dobre Vode.
Fortress Sveti Ivan Kotor

Fortress Sveti Ivan

The most beautiful view of the city and the bay of Kotor. It takes more than an hour to reach the top. Avoid hiking during the heat.
View of the Bay of Kotor Kotor

View of the Bay of Kotor

When you go through old from Kotor to Cetinje you will experience incredible feeling returns through time. Incidentally record the few photos at this unique bay. The best time for taking photos during the morning hours.
Square of flour Kotor

Square of flour

Square of flour named after the magazines of flour, which were previously found there. In this square is located the palace of the noble families of Pima and Buca.
5 Danica Promenade Herceg Novi

5 Danica Promenade

Promenade "Pet Danica" six kilometers long, connects the Igalo Meljina and lured the caterers to open restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars along promenade... named after the five "skojevki" who died in the Second World War, ...
Viewpoint Celobrdo Sveti Stefan

Viewpoint Celobrdo

This viewpoint is located above the monastery Praskvica and on it there is a monument to fallen heroes, as well as a fountain with spring water
The old olive tree at Mirovica Bar

The old olive tree at Mirovica

The old olive tree at Mirovica a monument of nature that is legally protected 1963. It is over 2,000 years and is considered the oldest tree in Europe. The extent of the tree is 10m. Legend says that the meetings held ar...
Old town Petrovac

Old town

Great place to take pictures of the panorama of Petrovac and nearby islands - St. Sunday and Katic which are located exactly opposite from here.
Walking path Petrovac

Walking path

If you want to walk, Petrovac offers too short walk to the beach, then this path that goes to the hotel A is great place!
Old town Ulcinj

Old town

Ulcinj's Old Town is like many other cities on the medieval Montenegrin coast. It is surrounded by thick stone walls and towers, which are the guardians for centuries of Ulcinj history, culture and traditions. For the Ol...
Porto Montenegro Tivat

Porto Montenegro

True refreshment on the Montenegrin coast. Feel the atmosphere of luxury exclusive destination. Enjoy the view of the mega yachts and dream about your.
Buca summer house Tivat

Buca summer house

Located in the center of Tivat. This complex represents a harmonious renaissance whole with some details of the late Gothic period. It consists of five buildings: residences, economical home, church - chapel dedicated to...
The Island of flowers Tivat

The Island of flowers

This is a little oval-shaped island, about 300 m long. Island in the historical sense is an attractive complex because of the remains of the Monastery of St. Archangel Michael.
Village Rijeka Crnojevica Skadar lake

Village Rijeka Crnojevica

River Crnojevica is a village located on the perimeter of the Skadar Lake, next to the small river Crnojevic. With population of 300 villagers, River Crnojevica makes the seat of Rijeka nahija.
Best view of Skadar lake Skadar lake

Best view of Skadar lake

Stop for a moment, forget about the time, let yourself to wonders of nature and enjoy the views from this location!

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Travel guide Montenegro

Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south-west and is bordered by Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the nort...

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