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Becici, Montenegro

Becici is a town in the municipality of Budva in Montenegro. According to the 2003rd there were 771 people (according to 1991 census. was 726 inhabitants). It is located northeast of Budva. Becici with 1950 m long beach, which is among the most beautiful in Montenegro and the South. The beach is 1935th won the Grand Prix in Paris, the most beautiful beach in Europe.

In Becici has invested a lot of money in recent years, and most important investment is the construction of a hotel "Splendid", which stood 70 million. Also, most large hotels have been renovated.

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Map of Becici »

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Becici private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

We recommend:

Villa More Becici Villa More Becici
Luxurious VILA MORE is situated in the ambient with wonderful view line from Rafailovici toward the walls of the old town of Budva. On just 350 meters...
Villa San Marco Becici Villa San Marco Becici
Villa San Marco *** is situated in Becici, near the hotel “The Queen of Montenegro” and  cca 400 meters far from the beach. Villa is located on a slig...
Vila Becica Becici Vila Becica Becici
Villa Becica located in Becici across from the Hotel Queen of Montenegro. Our three Villas are in a peaceful and quiet, surrounded by olive trees, pal...
Villa Nadalina Becici Villa Nadalina

Villa Nadalina is built 2006th Situated in part of Becici (Boreti) located near Budva, 300 meters from the beach, and not located on a hill. The apart...
Tosic apartments Becici Tosic apartments

Modern building made ​​2010 which is located at a distance of 350 m from the sea. In an ideal location we have 18 apartments with sea views. We offer ...
Bel Mare apartments Becici Bel Mare apartments

Apartments “Bel Mare” is situated in a very attractive location in Becici, Budva municipality. The building was built in 2005. All apartments are air-...
Nion apartments Becici Nion apartments

Nion apartments are situated right next to Budva, only 200 meters from the sea, in a quiet part of Becici. Apartments are property of football sports ...
Dolce Vita Hotel Becici Dolce Vita Hotel

Property is located at the hills, 150 meters from the sea and close to the most elite hotels (Splendid Mediterranean ...) and content such as "aqua pa...
Hotel Becici Becici Hotel Becici

Becici hotel, situated in an attractive location, which occupies a central place at Becici beach, 4 km away from Budva. Surrounded by greenery, the ho...
Hotel Bella Vista Becici Hotel Bella Vista

BellaVista is a new, modern hotel built in 2003 and renovated in the 2010 and which fully deserves the category of four stars, at first place due to h...
Hotel Iberostar Becici Hotel Iberostar

Iberostar is located on the Becici beach. It has 578 rooms, all rooms have bathroom, hairdryer, satellite TV, telephone, safe, air conditioning and a ...

Popular places in Becici

Villa More Becici Villa More

Luxurious VILA MORE is situated in the ambient with wonderful view line from Rafailovici toward the walls of the old town of Budva. On just 350 meters...
Villa Anastasia Becici Villa Anastasia

Villa Anastasia is located in Becici, between Hotel Splendid and the Water world, right in the first row to the Adriatic highway. The specific locatio...
Villa Slavuj Becici Villa Slavuj

Villa Slavuj is located in Becici at only 4 minutes walk from the beach. The villa is situated in a pleasant quiet location surrounded by greenery. Vi...
New in this city
Private accommodation
Villa Palma
Villa Palma
Villa Palma is located at 150m from the shore close to the Hotel Bela Vista. Villa Palma has rooms with three or four beds, studios and apartments. Total capacity is 50 beds. All accommodation units have their own bathroom, kitchen, air con...
Private accommodation
Villa Domador
Villa Domador
Domador villa is located in a quiet part of Becici, only 150 meters from the beach. The villa is modern and fully equipped, has a capacity of 15 double rooms, triple rooms and two luxury suites. Accommodation units are equipped by Swedish s...
Moja Avantura
Moja recommends - Private accommodation
Villa More
Villa More
Luxurious VILA MORE is situated in the ambient with wonderful view line from Rafailovici toward the walls of the old town of Budva. On just 350 meters from from the coastline and 7...
Religious places
Saint Thomas Church
Saint Thomas Church
In the central part of the village on a hill above the beach in a pine forest is the Church of St. Thomas.
Apartments for rent
Kruna apartments
Kruna apartments
Kruna is located in the settlement Ivanovic, across from the Hotel Splendid, 1200 meters from the sea. Tavern "Kruna" offers a four 3 bed rooms, six two bed rooms and one suite.
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Bečići weather forecast 5 days

Bečići weather forecast 5 days

Latest weather conditions and short term Bečići weather forecast for next 5 days. Follow us on social networks and be informed about Bečići weather co...
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