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Trsteno Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Montenegrin coast. It's deep into the land so is protected from high waves, storms and wind. It is about 200m long with fine sand and clear blue water.

It is known for sandy sea bottom, clear blue sea and unspoiled surroundings. It is on the main road Budva - Herceg Novi across the beach Jaz, from Budva is 7 km away. The access road from the highway is paved.

Tags: Trsteno, Budva, Becici, Rafailovici Kupališta - plaže, Kupališta - plaže Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, 10789

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Name: Trsteno beach, Budva
Address: bb

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Trsteno beach Budva Trsteno beach

Trsteno Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Montenegrin coast. It's deep into the land so is protected from high waves, storms and wind....
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Beach is located at the point "Platamuni", 9 kilometers from Budva. The beach is a sandy with a rocky parts. On the beach are swimming pools for child...
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Guvance is a small beach located at the east side of Budva. This small sandy beach, a length of about 80 meters, is located in a small hidden bay.
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Mogren Beach is located on the west part of Budva. Mogren consists of two beaches of fine sand lengths of around 340m. The beaches are connected by sh...
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Slovenska beach Budva Slovenska beach

The largest beach in Budva, the Slovenska Beach (the old name Podpolje) extends from the city port to the hotel Park. This large sandy beach is 1.5 km...

Trsteno beach

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Budva is a coastal tourist resort in Montenegro. It is often called "Montenegrin Miami", because it is the most crowded and most popular tourist resort in Montenegro, with beaches and vibrant nightlif...

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