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Cafes with food Budva | Cafes with food in Budva - recommended cafe bars, cocktail bars, ideas for breakfast and lunch
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Cafes with food Budva

Bar pizzeria Rabello Budva

Bar pizzeria Rabello

Bar pizzeria Rabello is located at the entrance of the city along the Adriatic highway. Here you can find a wide variety of hot drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, pizza, roll, savory and sweet pancakes and mo...
Brera Caffe pizzeria Budva

Brera Caffe pizzeria

Caffe pizzeria Brera is located in Budva, the characteristics of this object are delicious food, a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, friendly atmosphere and very pleasant staff.
Taboo cafe restaurant Budva

Taboo cafe restaurant

Taboo Cafe restaurant is located in Budva at the roundabout. Its wide range includes a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, all kinds of sandwiches, cakes and other dishes. The friendly staff will welcom...
Caffe Lounge Perla Budva

Caffe Lounge Perla

PERLA, Caffe Lounge & Restaurant is located in center of Budva. The interior, in terms of the capacity of the restaurant has about 70 seats, while the day version inculude a coffee bar and has about 150 seats. All this c...

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Travel guide Budva

Budva is a coastal tourist resort in Montenegro. It is often called "Montenegrin Miami", because it is the most crowded and most popular tourist resort in Montenegro, with beaches and vibrant nightlif...

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