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Restaurants Budva | Restaurants in Budva - restaurant list, good restaurants, the best restaurants, recommended restaurants, list of good restaurants
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Restaurants Budva

Chinese Restaurant Hong Kong Budva

Chinese Restaurant Hong Kong

In the company LIR Ltd. operates a Chinese restaurant, "Hong Kong". It was opened in 26.07.1991. with a capacity of 110 seats. In the old city and the most beautiful surroundings in Budva, feel the magic of the Far East ...
Tavern Demizana Budva

Tavern Demizana

This is authentic coastal tavern where you will feel the spirit of old Budva. Located in the center of Budva, close to the Old City. The menu includes seafood specialties. You'll enjoy a typical seaside atmosphere with s...
Jadran restaurant Budva

Jadran restaurant

A familiar restaurant with tradition since 1976. Specialties from the sea is stored in a traditional maritime way. Complete offer of meat specialties and Italian cuisine. The restaurant has three terraces of three differ...
Maša restaurant Budva

Maša restaurant

Restaurant "Maša" is a story in itself, and very luxurious, warm story of the Budva coast, beneath the walls of the old city, where in the summer all guests of Budva, fans of good taste, participate. From the terrace and...
Porto restaurant Budva

Porto restaurant

Delicious and fragrant in a beautiful setting on the coast! The restaurant has 150 seats.
Zlatibor restaurant Budva

Zlatibor restaurant

Restaurant Zlatibor is located in the heart of Budva, with its long tradition proudly offers a wide selection of national dishes. In exceptional ambiance of natural materials you can choose among other roast and grill me...
San Marino  Restaurant Budva

San Marino Restaurant

Fish Restaurant San Marino is located on the promenade near the Old town, and is distinguished by always fresh, perfectly prepared fish and the fact that he never on the plate will not get fattened fish. Besides particul...

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Travel guide Budva

Budva is a coastal tourist resort in Montenegro. It is often called "Montenegrin Miami", because it is the most crowded and most popular tourist resort in Montenegro, with beaches and vibrant nightlif...

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