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Cafes with food Herceg Novi | Cafes with food in Herceg Novi - recommended cafe bars, cocktail bars, ideas for breakfast and lunch
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Cafes with food Herceg Novi

Cafe and restaurant Tennis Center SBS Herceg Novi

Cafe and restaurant Tennis Center SBS

The center is located in one of the most beautiful part of Herceg Novi. SBS is an excellent restaurant with a huge selection of national and international specialties, as well as the possibility of boarding, feeding is o...
Raffaelo Herceg Novi


Our renowned tourist complex located in Herceg Novi, five Danica Promenade Street. Hospitality and resort "Rafaello" offers: modern sandy beach, dock for mooring, Restaurant - Tavern in coastal style, "Rafaello" Cafe. "R...
Yachting Club Herceg Novi

Yachting Club

Yachting Club, Cafe restaurant is located in the most beautiful part of Herceg Novi with a beautiful view of the pier and the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, on the coast. In the beautiful surroundings of the coastal taver...

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Herceg Novi

Travel guide Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi city of mimosas and stairs . The city in which there are buildings from the Ottoman , Venetian, Spanish and Austrian period . It was founded 600 years ago . Herceg Novi is located at the e...

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