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Private accommodation Herceg Novi | Private accommodation in Herceg Novi - cheap private accommodation, accommodation deals, private accommodation cheap deals, rooms for rent, bed and breakfast, rooms to let
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Private accommodation Herceg Novi

Villa Aleksandar Herceg Novi

Villa Aleksandar

Hotel "Villa Alexander" is located in Herceg Novi, a city full of flowers and greenery, various Mediterranean vegetation, mimosa trees, lemon and orange blooms. The villa is situated on the coast next to the hotel "Plaza...
House Tomanovic Herceg Novi

House Tomanovic

In the most beautiful part of town, just 200m from the sea, within a private house we rent three rooms and three studio apartments. Rooms are located on the same floor with a separate entrance, and make a special unit in...
Villa Boka Bay Herceg Novi

Villa Boka Bay

These beautiful fancy apartments are located 150 meters from the coast and the center of Igala. Evaluated by 4 star and positive comments of visitors. Each apartment is equipped with new custom kitchen elements and acc...
Villa Galija Herceg Novi

Villa Galija

At the exclusive part of Herceg Novi’s coast, named Savina, there is “Villa Galia”. Natural sandy beach is very close to city’s promenade. The Perisic family are the owner of “Villa Galia”. They are the first family who...
Villa Margot Herceg Novi

Villa Margot

The hotel garni Villa Margot“ is located in the center of Herceg Novi. Herceg Novi is one of the most beutiful cities at the Montenegro Coast. It is situated at the very entrance of Boka Kotorska bay. It has mild Mediter...
Villa Vilma Herceg Novi

Villa Vilma

Vilma Apartments - Djenovići (HN) Our apartments are located in a small, quiet place Djenovići, located 6 km. away from Herceg Novi ... far enough away from the hustle and bustle, just 40 meters from the sea. Vilma Apart...

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Herceg Novi

Travel guide Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi city of mimosas and stairs . The city in which there are buildings from the Ottoman , Venetian, Spanish and Austrian period . It was founded 600 years ago . Herceg Novi is located at the e...

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