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Religious places Herceg Novi | Religious places in Herceg Novi - churches, monastir, synagogs, mosque
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Religious places Herceg Novi

Savina Monastery Herceg Novi

Savina Monastery

Savina Monastery is located next to Herceg Novi, and was made in the lush vegetation at one of the nicest parts of the northern Montenegrin coast. The monastery consists of three churches: Small temple Assumption of the ...
Church of the Holy Archangel Michael Herceg Novi

Church of the Holy Archangel Michael

Church of St. Archangel Michael in today's main square of the Old Town, Herceg Stjepan Square - which is popularly referred to as Belavista, is one of the gems of Boka construction,, owes its architectural and artistic p...
Church of St. George Herceg Novi

Church of St. George

Church of St. George is located at Topla, built immediately after the capture of the city by the Venetians and restored 1848.
Church of St. Saviour Herceg Novi

Church of St. Saviour

Church of St. Saviour's is located on Topla. Construction of the church began 1709, in addition to the Church of St. George, and the church was completed 1713. Its appearance today has received in 1864.

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Herceg Novi

Travel guide Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi city of mimosas and stairs . The city in which there are buildings from the Ottoman , Venetian, Spanish and Austrian period . It was founded 600 years ago . Herceg Novi is located at the e...

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