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Hotels Kotor | Hotels in Kotor - good hotels, cheap hotels, hotel prices, recommended hotels
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Hotels Kotor

Hotel Cattaro  Kotor

Hotel Cattaro

Located in Kotor, Hotel Cattaro offers uniquely decorated rooms in three renovated buildings from the eighteenth century. It contains a casino and discotheque Maximus. Hotel Cattaro is located on 3 different locations, ...
Hotel Rendez Vous Kotor

Hotel Rendez Vous

Rendez Vous Hotel is surrounded by churches of St Luke, St Nicholas and St Ozana. Located on the main square in the Old Town of Kotor, which is under protection of UNESCO. It offers a restaurant with a terrace and free W...
Vardar Hotel Kotor

Vardar Hotel

Located among historic monuments at the main square of the Old Town of Kotor, which is under protection of UNESCO, Hotel Vardar offers spacious and luxurious accommodation with free internet access, satellite TV and a li...
Boutique Hotel Astoria Kotor

Boutique Hotel Astoria

This boutique hotel with four star located in the heart of the Old Town of Kotor, in Buca palace dating from the thirteenth century, which is on the UNESCO list. Hotel Astoria offers luxurious, individually designed room...
Amfora Hotel Kotor

Amfora Hotel

Amfora Hotel is a new developed Luxury Suite Hotel in 2006. The Hotel is owned by privately held company Amfora & Co Doo from Montenegro. Hotel Amfora is situated between Kotor and Perast, just a few kilometres from bot...
Bokeljski Dvori Hotel Kotor

Bokeljski Dvori Hotel

The Bokeljski Dvori Hotel is situated on the coastal road from Kotor to Tivat on the edge of green area called Vrmac. In the hotel’s vicinity there is also a dock for yacht and ship mooring. Thanks to specific conditio...
Hotel Forza Mare Kotor

Hotel Forza Mare

Hotel is located in Dobrota, 3 km away from the old town, at the shore of the Bay of Kotor. Striking five stars Hotel with warm and friendly atmosphere, is a place where you can find everything that suits your needs and ...
Hotel Galia Kotor

Hotel Galia

Hotel „Galia“  is situated on the coastal road from Kotor to Tivat on the edge of green area called Vrmac in place Prcanj. Thanks to specific conditions and the climate this area is ideal for all lung diseases.
Hotel Marija Kotor

Hotel Marija

Hotel  “Marija” is located within the walls of the Old Town Kotor , a town that is a Unesco World Heritage site.Situated in a beautiful baroque building, in wich an austrian Emperor Franjo Josif once stayed, hotel Marija...

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Travel guide Kotor

Kotor is a medieval city situated at the base of the beautiful bay of the Adriatic. This well-preserved city , adorned Medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage protected by UN...

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