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Petrovac, Montenegro

Petovac little urban village that belongs to the municipality of Budva , with a population of 1412 inhabitants. It is situated in a valley 18 km from Budva . It is a very old settlement as evidenced Roman mosaics from 3.veka , located in the village Mirište .

Petrovac is known for its beautiful large town beach , which is covered with reddish sand. The beach is 600 meters long and has a rich beach activities . Just 500 meters from Petrovac is located Luchica beach , which is 220 meters long and which also has everything you need to enjoy and perfect atmosphere to visitors . Somewhat remote , 2 km, beach Buljarica , 2,400 meters long , It has a more car camping .

Petrovac offers different types of accommodation , and the total capacity is 23000 Petrovac beds , as in private facilities as hotels. For whatever you choose to be pleasant stay during the day on the beautiful beach in the evening strolling through the town or dinner at some of the good fish restaurants . The city has no boisterous nightlife, so it's perfect for those who have small children or have come to feel perfect peace . In front of Petrovac there are islands Katic and Sveta Neđelja with churches , which are very interesting for tourists .

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Map of Petrovac »

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Petrovac private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

We recommend:

Villa Mila Petrovac Villa Mila Petrovac
Vila Mila is located in one of the most peaceful areas of Petrovac where there is practically no traffic. We offer clean and comfortable accommodation...
Villa Verica Petrovac Villa Verica Petrovac
In the center of Petrovac, just 50 meters from the beach is Villa Verica. Vila Verica was built in 1992 and originally was intended only for vacations...
Villa Sandra Petrovac Villa Sandra

Villa Sandra is situated in a quiet area, 300 meters from the beach and promenade in the area where are located bars and restaurants with a wide range...
Andric apartments Petrovac Andric apartments

Andric apartments are located 200 meters from the sea. The villa comprises 18 apartments. All apartments are luxuriously equipped with air conditionin...
Franicevic apartments Petrovac Franicevic apartments

Franicevic apartments are located in a spacious newly built house in an attractive location about 10 meters from the beach and main promenade (the fir...
Holiday apartments Petrovac Holiday apartments

Holiday Apartments - located in luxury building built in 2009. We offer 14 double studio apartments and 4 four-bed apartments. Guests can use the larg...
Knezevic apartments Petrovac Knezevic apartments

Knezevic Apartments are located in a quiet part of Petrovac in Brezine settlement, only 300m away from the city beach and 500m from the beach Lucice. ...
Neso apartments Petrovac Neso apartments

It is a flat with two bedrooms and a spacious living room in a newly built residential building with access to a terrace with a beautiful view of the ...
Srzentic apartments Petrovac Srzentic apartments

Srzentic Apartments are located in the natural setting of settlement Brežine, at about 50m from the beach (at the villa "Oliva"). There are four and t...
Sun apartments Petrovac Sun apartments

Sun Apartments are located in the central part of Petrovac promenade, next to the beach. There are four suites: Four bed apartment (3 +1), Four bed ap...

Popular places in Petrovac

Villa Mila Petrovac Villa Mila

Vila Mila is located in one of the most peaceful areas of Petrovac where there is practically no traffic. We offer clean and comfortable accommodation...
Quatron rent a car  Petrovac Quatron rent a car

Agency Quatron deals with car rental services, its located in Petrovac andoffers its clients quality service and renowned Toyota vehicle. Clients are ...
Villa Verica Petrovac Villa Verica

In the center of Petrovac, just 50 meters from the beach is Villa Verica. Vila Verica was built in 1992 and originally was intended only for vacations...
New in this city
Private accommodation
Montere Guest House
Montere Guest House
„Montere Guest „ 3*** has 22 confortable rooms (58 beds -15m2), each room has bathroom with shower, air conditioner, cable tv ( with possibillity of watching over 100 channels ) and free wireless conection. Structure of rooms „Montere Gues...
Tourist attractions
Walking path
Walking path
If you want to walk, Petrovac offers too short walk to the beach, then this path that goes to the hotel A is great place!
City beach Petrovac
City beach Petrovac
The largest beach in Petrovac is Petrovac town sandy beach which is about 600 meters long, withreddish sand is one of the most visited beaches of Budva riviera with great beach activities.
Cafes with food
Pastry Cafe Panini
Pastry Cafe Panini
One of the best pastry in Petrovac. It offers a large selection of homemade cakes, Italian ice cream and fruit cups. It is located along the center of Petrovac beach and is a center of daily events during the summer. As a specialty of the h...
Cafes with food
Caffe Bar Castello
Caffe Bar Castello
With an open bar and a terrace next to the beach near Petrovac on the ground floor of the fortress Castello is titled cafe. Constant partying with a large selection of cocktails, all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with modern sound o...
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New on blog
Petrovac weather forecast 5 days

Petrovac weather forecast 5 days

Latest weather conditions and short term Petrovac weather forecast for next 5 days. Follow us on social networks and be informed about Petrovac weathe...
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