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Sutomore, Montenegro

Sutomore is one of the most popular places on the Montenegrin coast . The mountain ranges in the background , wide sandy beaches and the open sea have created a climate that can only wish , and this season is from May to October.

Sutomore belongs to the municipality of Bar , which includes over 30 miles of coastline and is considered one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic Sea , with a water temperature of 11 degrees in winter to 25 degrees in summer ! Places that are known in the vicinity , and that should definitely visit are the caves, Čanj Maljevik , Štrbine , Ratac , Red beach , bay trees.

In addition Ratac of the remains of a culture we find the church of St. Petka in Spičanskom field . Notable is the fortress Haj Negligence which was built during the Venetian Republic for a longer period of time to stand as an impregnable fortress with respect to its position.

Sutomore is an ideal place for a holiday. The beach is nice ogranizovana , and the water is clean ( especially the Maljevik ) . Along the beach there are many restaurants , cafes , fast food vendors , souvenir shops , so that you can buy almost everything you need during the holidays

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Map of Sutomore »

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Sutomore private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

Villa Jadranka Sutomore Villa Jadranka

We have double, triple apartments and one big gallery apartman of 52m2. The building is a large parking for guests. There is a meeting room for our gu...
Malibu apartments Sutomore Malibu apartments

In facility guests have access to apartments, indoor and outdoor restaurant, shops mixed goods, dairy restaurant, nightclub, own pool and beach bar. ...
Hotel Lovcen Sutomore Hotel Lovcen

The hotel has 180 beds in double and triple rooms. Each room has a bathroom, terrace and telephone. The hotel has air-conditioned restaurant, a TV roo...
Hotel Mirela Sutomore Hotel Mirela

Mirela Hotel is located 700 meters from the long sandy beach in Sutomore. It offers an outdoor pool and a restaurant in which are serve the Montenegri...
Hotel Sirena Marta Sutomore Hotel Sirena Marta

Hotel “Sirena Marta” is located in the very center of Sutomore, 200 m far from the big sandy Sutomore beach. “Sirena Marta” offers to its guests a c...
Villa Aleksic Sutomore Villa Aleksic

Vila Aleksic is located in quite calm area of small town Sutomore in Montenegro. Villa is surrounded by plenty of greenery and a terrace overshadowed ...
Villa Nikolic Sutomore Villa Nikolic

Situated in the quiet the settlement Brce in Sutomore, Nikolic villa offers air-conditioned rooms with their own bathroom and refrigerator. Some rooms...
Villa Del Mar Sutomore Villa Del Mar

Villa Del Mar is located just 300 meters from the nearest beach and offers accommodating unit with balcony and sea view. To the center of Sutomore can...

Popular places in Sutomore

Fratello discotheque Sutomore Fratello discotheque

One of the oldest disco in Sutomore, always preparing new surprises. Distance of city allows young people to and through the early morning hours durin...
Night Club Malibu Sutomore Night Club Malibu

Spend your experience unforgettable hours in the true water paradise nightclub Malibu. Every summer guaranteed a good time, organize a foam party, pro...
Apartments Tara Sutomore Apartments Tara

Your new address in the bay of luck. Where pad, morning and evening, the smell grandma's cookies and fig orchards. Sun-drenched days are a reminder th...
New in this city
Apartments for rent
Dragic apartments
Dragic apartments
Property is located in a convenient location. Raised is enough to with all the terrace has a beautiful view of the sea. At the top of the building there is a large terrace (~ 70 square meters), which offers an enviable view and atmosphere c...
Cafes with food
Beach bar Questo Quello
Beach bar Questo Quello
Beach bar Quello Questo Daily partying, various promotions, fun for all ages. Constant entertainment from morning till evening. Enjoy with us the wonderful Mediterranean atmosphere and views of the sea and the crowded beach.
Red beach
Red beach
Red Beach is located in a small bay between Sutomore and Bar. The name comes from its extremely red color of sand. Length of the beach is 50m, the area is 600 m2.
Hotel Mirela
Hotel Mirela
Mirela Hotel is located 700 meters from the long sandy beach in Sutomore. It offers an outdoor pool and a restaurant in which are serve the Montenegrin and Mediterranean specialties. Old Fort Nehaj, from which is magnificent view, is 500 me...
Private accommodation
Villa Sutorman
Villa Sutorman
Villa Sutorman is modern private facility that offers accommodation type apartments and rooms: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4. It is located under the main road near the sea. In addition to the villa is a green area ideal solution for afternoon, evening res...
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Sutomore weather forecast 5 days

Sutomore weather forecast 5 days

Latest weather conditions and short term Sutomore weather forecast for next 5 days. Follow us on social networks and be informed about Sutomore weathe...
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