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Apartments for rent Sveti Stefan

NIksa Radjenovic apartments Sveti Stefan

NIksa Radjenovic apartments

The family house consists of 5 suites which are located in the middle part of Sveti Stefan, 300 m away from the sea. There is a bus stop and a parking lot in front of the house while next to it there is a restaurant and ...
Secret Garden apartments Sveti Stefan

Secret Garden apartments

In the tourist facility Secret Garden are 16 newly equipped double and four suites. They are the first line, only 20 meters from the beach. Each has a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and terrace. Th...
Sun Rose apartments Sveti Stefan

Sun Rose apartments

If you would like to spend a wonderful, peaceful and pleasant holiday on the beautiful sandy shores of St. Stephen, you are offered such a comfortable satisfaction "SunRose Apartments". It is located 80 meters from the...
Dijana apartments Sveti Stefan

Dijana apartments

There are two, three, four-bed apartments, fully equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, internet connection, telephone. terrace overlooking the peninsula. Parking space provided. Scooter, Renta Car, b...

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Sveti Stefan

Travel guide Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan , Montenegro in place best known for the island where there is a hotel that is connected to the mainland by an artificial sandbar . Sandy isthmus that connects the coast and the island ha...

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