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Hotels Tivat | Hotels in Tivat - good hotels, cheap hotels, hotel prices, recommended hotels
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Hotels Tivat

Aurora hotel Tivat

Aurora hotel

Hotel Aurora has 65 beds and itd located in the most beautiful part of the Bay of Tivat, on the east coast port Kalimanj, surrounded by the sea and the lush Mediterranean vegetation.
Primavera Hotel Tivat

Primavera Hotel

Primavera Hotel was opened in 2008, is located in the center of Tivat, just 20 meters from the sea. The hotel has 6 modern rooms and 3 suites.
Pine Hotel Tivat

Pine Hotel

Pine Hotel is located in the city center. Capacity is 66 beds in 26 rooms with private bath, air conditioning, central heating, minibar, telephone and TV. The hotel has a tavern, cafes and Milky restaurant. Over the spac...
Perper Hotel Tivat

Perper Hotel

Hotel "Perper" is a four star hotel and located in a small picturesque village of Donja Lastva in Tivat, montenegro city known for its rich history and culture. Boka bay with its mild Mediterranean climate has always lur...
Camelija hotel Tivat

Camelija hotel

Camellia Hotel is located by the sea 1.5 km from the city center and has its own beach. The hotel has a capacity of 250 beds, mostly in double and triple rooms. It has a restaurant with 500 seats, night bar, open bar on ...
Montenegrino Hotel Tivat

Montenegrino Hotel

Hotel Montenegrino located in the center of Tivat, 40 m from the beach, and its one of the most exclusive hotels on the Montenegrin coast. The hotel capacity consists of ten luxurious rooms overlooking the sea. The hote...

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Travel guide Tivat

Although the youngest town in the Boka, Tivat has a sufficient number of interesting destinations where you can enjoy. In the history of Tivat distinguish several periods related to the development of...

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