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Private accommodation Tivat | Private accommodation in Tivat - cheap private accommodation, accommodation deals, private accommodation cheap deals, rooms for rent, bed and breakfast, rooms to let
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Private accommodation Tivat

Apartments Mikijeljević Tivat

Apartments Mikijeljević

The apartments we offer are located on the Island of Flowers, near Tivat, from city they are about 3 km away. Each apartment represents a separate space (ground and fisrt floor) of old stone houses built in the first hal...
Apartments Klakor Tivat

Apartments Klakor

We offer two four-bed apartments with balconies and separate entrances, 2 studio apartments and 2 duplex suites (2 + 2). On our beach, we have all the necessary furniture, chairs, umbrellas, shade and shower. Also privat...
Apartments Jocic Tivat

Apartments Jocic

Family house Jocić is located on the coast, exactly 10m from the sea. We own 3 studio apartments with 4 beds. We are located at 1500m from the city center and 1500m from the airport. Peace and quiet will enable you the ...
Apartments Gabi Tivat

Apartments Gabi

Both apartments have separate entrances with garden furniture for relaxing surrounded by lush vegetation and grill part. Large apartment 4 + 2 consists of 2 bedrooms, kitchen and dining room, hallway and bathroom. A sm...
Apartments Branka Tivat

Apartments Branka

Branka Apartments are situated in a house, in a quiet and uncrowded part of Tivat. The offer includes: an apartment of 30 m2 and two-bedroom apartment of 80 m2. In the ground floor is situated apartment with kitchen, ba...
Apartment Željko Tivat

Apartment Željko

Apartment Željko is located on the second floor of a small building in the center of Tivat, 50 meters away from the highway and 5 minutes walk to Magnolia Square and the Pina promenade. The newly built marina Porto Mont...
Apartments Mrsulja Tivat

Apartments Mrsulja

Our apartments are located in the center of Tivat, in a residential building, the offer includes: 40m2 apartment which is consists of one bedroom (double bed), living room, dining room and kitchen, bathroom, terrace. Ma...
Apartments Music Tivat

Apartments Music

Music Apartments are located in the center of Tivat, close to the beach and promenade. The apartments are new and fully equipped. Parking is provided.
Apartments Nena Tivat

Apartments Nena

In the most beautiful part of Tivat, on the shores of Lower seljanovo, you can rent apartments with separate entrance, private bath, mini-kitchen, cable television, air conditioning, terrace, just 20 m from the sea and t...
Apartments "NERA" Tivat

Apartments "NERA"

Apartments "Nera" is situated at a distance of 500 meters from the "Porto Montenegro", as well as 400 meters from the city center. They have a beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor and provide a real treat for the eyes. Th...
Apartments Petrović Tivat

Apartments Petrović

At 11 meters from the sea, there is a newly built complex of 500m2. 800m from the city center and prestigious marina of Porto Montenegro. On a plot of 400m2, we offer you to enjoy in comfortable accommodation, flowers as...
Apartments Jakelic Tivat

Apartments Jakelic

If you want a holiday at sea for a low price with good accommodation, you are at the right place !!! Pleasant atmosphere at 500m from the sea. Separate entrance, spacious apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms with parking pro...
Apartments Zana Tivat

Apartments Zana

Two new comfortable apartments for rent, 40m2 each. The apartments have a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and a large terrace overlooking the sea. The room has a double bed, the living room couch and...
Apartments Trojanovic Tivat

Apartments Trojanovic

The apartments are located in Seljano beneath the Adriatic highway. Distance from shore is 70 meters, and 130 meters from the beach! At a distance of 200 meters is complex "Porto Montenegro". The apartments are very spa...
Apartments Sanja and Dragan Tivat

Apartments Sanja and Dragan

Apartments Sanja and Dragan are located in a beautiful part of Tivat in the Lower Lastva. The apartments are located next to the promenade, close to the sea. Nearby there is a cafe pizzeria where you can enjoy the beauti...

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Travel guide Tivat

Although the youngest town in the Boka, Tivat has a sufficient number of interesting destinations where you can enjoy. In the history of Tivat distinguish several periods related to the development of...

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