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Ulcinj, Montenegro

It is believed that Ulcinj is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast. They say it is more than 2000 years . This city has had a very turbulent and rich history that has plenty left its mark on its present appearance. During the Turkish government Ulcinj got oriental look, who to this day holds . It is a city with mixed Slavic , Albanian and Roman population.

Ulcinj occupies the southern part of the Adriatic , and belongs to the southeastern part of the part of Montenegro . Ulcinj has about 20 km of beach , of which 15km of sandy beaches , then has over 6000 h of arable land , olive grove of 88,000 trees , sand with medicinal properties as well as mud and sulfuric mineral water . In addition to the olives , Ulcinj is famous salt pans where it collects many types of birds , and even in the winter can be registered 20 000 birds , which is very interesting for lovers of birdwatching times . In addition to birds , at the mouth of the river Bojana into the sea , it is a popular angling fish face, big predators and fearsome fighter , whose pieces can be hard to over 20 kg .

Ulcinj has a rich cuisine , in addition to excellent kebabs and pies , be sure to try Ulcinj okra and baklava, halva and tulumbe . And for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine there is a variety of fresh fish such as eg . Bream , sea bass , Gof .. I like seafood . Ulcinj coast is 32.70 km long and najvevećim in part to the sandy beaches including the famous Long Beach , a small beach , Ada Bojana , and the beaches along the pine forests and Valdanosa .

Small and healing sand , warm sea , sun umbrellas , wicker or cane , a pleasant breeze that cools will make you relax and enjoy the delights of Ulcinj beach.

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Map of Ulcinj »

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Ulcinj private accommodation, apartments, hotels...

Nimani apartments Ulcinj Nimani apartments

Apartment Nimani are located on a hill Pinjes in Ulcinj and offers a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and the Old City. Property is located close e...
Dvori Balsica Hotel Ulcinj Dvori Balsica Hotel

Hotel  is located in Ulcinj's Old Town, on 2000 year old fort. Hotel started operating in 1989. Hotel provide its guests a relaxing and enjoyable stay...
Villa Amina Ulcinj Villa Amina

Amina apartments overlooking the Adriatic Sea. They are located just 300 meters from the center of Ulcinj. You only have a short walk from the nearest...
Aida Hotel Ulcinj Aida Hotel

Welcome to the Hotel "AIDA" one of the most luxurious hotels in Ulcinj. The hotel has a total of 16 accommodation units of which 13 luxury suites and ...
Albatros Hotel Ulcinj Albatros Hotel

Hotel Albatros is less than 1000 m from the center of Ulcinj, the town of turbulent history and great traditions, and the most picturesque city in the...
Galeb Hotel Ulcinj Galeb Hotel

The property company Roksped is one of the most beautiful and most atraktivijih hotel on the Montenegrin coast for its location - Hotel "Galeb" in Ulc...
Imperial hotel Ulcinj Imperial hotel

Hotel Imperial is located in the heart of Ulcinj Riviera. Its position and appearance earned its name. At 4 km from Ulcinj and 10 km from Ada Bojana, ...
Olimpic Hotel Ulcinj Olimpic Hotel

Hotel Olympic has a capacity of 252 beds and has a total of 132 rooms - 24 single rooms, 76 doubles, 22 triples and 10 rooms with double bed. All room...

Popular places in Ulcinj

Galeb Hotel Ulcinj Galeb Hotel

The property company Roksped is one of the most beautiful and most atraktivijih hotel on the Montenegrin coast for its location - Hotel "Galeb" in Ulc...
Pana apartments Ulcinj Pana apartments

Pana apartments are located in an exclusive and quiet place near Great Beaches. In the vicinity of pine forests, olive groves as well as the beach its...
Sara apartments Ulcinj Sara apartments

Villa Sara is located on the main road Ulcinj-Ada Bojana, and only 350m from the stunning beaches and picturesque promenade of unspoiled nature. It's ...
New in this city
Apartments for rent
Pasha apartments
Pasha apartments
Apartments Pasha is no modesty can call oasis of peace as a unique ambience and separation of the object from the city crowd into the vortex of summer and bring you peace as you want during your vacation. Pasha Apartments are located far e...
Galeb Hotel
Galeb Hotel
The property company Roksped is one of the most beautiful and most atraktivijih hotel on the Montenegrin coast for its location - Hotel "Galeb" in Ulcinj. Galeb Hotel is located to site versus the old city of Ulcinj.
River, Lake, Waterfall
Sasko lake
Sasko lake
Unique in its beauty, clear, calm lake rich in fish and located twenty kilometers from Ulcinj to the border with Albania, certainly the largest unused tourist pearl of Montenegro. On the shore of the lake, there are the remains of the city ...
Private accommodation
Villa Jasmina
Villa Jasmina
Do you want a quiet holiday with clean water in the Ulcinj Riviera and enjoy the beauty of this area, away from traffic and bustle, Villa Jasmin is the place for you. We are located 800m from the city center, close to many restaurants that ...
Tourist attractions
Old town
Old town
Ulcinj's Old Town is like many other cities on the medieval Montenegrin coast. It is surrounded by thick stone walls and towers, which are the guardians for centuries of Ulcinj history, culture and traditions. For the Old Town, people says ...
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Ulcinj weather forecast 5 days

Ulcinj weather forecast 5 days

Latest weather conditions and short term Ulcinj weather forecast for next 5 days. Follow us on social networks and be informed about Ulcinj weather co...
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