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Apartments for rent Ulcinj | Apartments for rent in Ulcinj - apartments for rent, apartments to let short, cheap apartments, apartments for short term stay prices
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Apartments for rent Ulcinj

Nimani apartments Ulcinj

Nimani apartments

Apartment Nimani are located on a hill Pinjes in Ulcinj and offers a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and the Old City. Property is located close enough to the city beach, about 350 m away. Nimani apartment offers pea...
Sara apartments Ulcinj

Sara apartments

Villa Sara is located on the main road Ulcinj-Ada Bojana, and only 350m from the stunning beaches and picturesque promenade of unspoiled nature. It's great for anyone who likes to be in the center and at the same time to...
Pontino apartments Ulcinj

Pontino apartments

Pontino apartments are located on the coast at the mouth of Port Milena, 20 meters from the great beach in Ulcinj. Pontino apartments has 6 studios with a unique view on the sandy beach.
Alba apartments Ulcinj

Alba apartments

Alba Apartments are situated 4 km from the center of Ulcinj, and only 50 meters from the Adriatic Sea and the Big Beach. It offers air-conditioned rooms, studios, apartments and de lux apartment with a balcony. Guests ca...
Djuro apartments Ulcinj

Djuro apartments

Not far from the Ulcinj's Old town, twisted in unique environment known as settlement Liman, there are apartments Djuro. Liman is known as place which offers unique conditions for vacancy what makes apartments Djuro idea...
Eneida apartments Ulcinj

Eneida apartments

At only ten meters from the sea, in the beautiful bay Limana, surrounded by thousands of years of olive trees, rises the apartments of "Eneida". Earlier this houses belong to Beg and have dominate tower, from which he wo...
Pasha apartments Ulcinj

Pasha apartments

Apartments Pasha is no modesty can call oasis of peace as a unique ambience and separation of the object from the city crowd into the vortex of summer and bring you peace as you want during your vacation. Pasha Apartmen...
Eki apartments Ulcinj

Eki apartments

The apartments are located near the pine forests above the small beach in Ulcinj and its overall ability to provide content in a very natural setting to rest the right way. Upon request, our guests organize breakfast, mo...
Pana apartments Ulcinj

Pana apartments

Pana apartments are located in an exclusive and quiet place near Great Beaches. In the vicinity of pine forests, olive groves as well as the beach itself. We have a comfortable apartment accommodating (type 2, 2+1, 2 +2)...
Pepic apartments Ulcinj

Pepic apartments

Pepic Apartments are located in Montenegro, near Ulcinj town, in the place of Donji Stoj on a large beach. Pepic Apartments are 900m away from the Great Ulcinj beach, which is 13 km long. We own 8 fully furnished apartme...

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Travel guide Ulcinj

It is believed that Ulcinj is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast. They say it is more than 2000 years . This city has had a very turbulent and rich history that has plenty left its mark on...

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