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Hotels Ulcinj | Hotels in Ulcinj - good hotels, cheap hotels, hotel prices, recommended hotels
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Hotels Ulcinj

Dvori Balsica Hotel Ulcinj

Dvori Balsica Hotel

Hotel  is located in Ulcinj's Old Town, on 2000 year old fort. Hotel started operating in 1989. Hotel provide its guests a relaxing and enjoyable stay in an endless peace surrounded by the blue sea which visible from all...
Aida Hotel Ulcinj

Aida Hotel

Welcome to the Hotel "AIDA" one of the most luxurious hotels in Ulcinj. The hotel has a total of 16 accommodation units of which 13 luxury suites and three super luxury apartments designed for a clientele that likes a hi...
Albatros Hotel Ulcinj

Albatros Hotel

Hotel Albatros is less than 1000 m from the center of Ulcinj, the town of turbulent history and great traditions, and the most picturesque city in the entire Adriatic. Hotel is located at a beautiful site. His building i...
Galeb Hotel Ulcinj

Galeb Hotel

The property company Roksped is one of the most beautiful and most atraktivijih hotel on the Montenegrin coast for its location - Hotel "Galeb" in Ulcinj. Galeb Hotel is located to site versus the old city of Ulcinj.
Imperial hotel Ulcinj

Imperial hotel

Hotel Imperial is located in the heart of Ulcinj Riviera. Its position and appearance earned its name. At 4 km from Ulcinj and 10 km from Ada Bojana, he exudes his grace and peace of natural environment at the same time....
Olimpic Hotel Ulcinj

Olimpic Hotel

Hotel Olympic has a capacity of 252 beds and has a total of 132 rooms - 24 single rooms, 76 doubles, 22 triples and 10 rooms with double bed. All rooms have air conditioning, satellite TV and mini-bar with a rich assortm...
Prego Hotel Ulcinj

Prego Hotel

Hotel Prego is located at the entrance to the town of Ulcinj, 1 km from the beach with bars and sports equipment for rent. Within the facility are available a la carte restaurant and bar with spacious terrace. Rooms and...
Hotel House Freiburg Ulcinj

Hotel House Freiburg

Our small familiar hotel is located In Ulcinj on Pinjes hill, place bathed with sunshine throughout the all year, with green pine hinterland and overlooking the sea. The hotel is open all year round. The hotel has its ...
Great beach Hotel Ulcinj

Great beach Hotel

On the second kilometer of the Long Beach Tourist Village "Big Beach" Ulcinj is located. We have three types of units (hotels, family apartments and bungalows) capacity of 450 beds with all facilities on an area of ​​30...
Mediteran Mediteran Ulcinj

Mediteran Mediteran

Mediterranean Hotel is located in the picturesque town of Ulcinj, only 100 meters from the beach and town center. Although close to the city, Hotel Mediterranean is protected from the noise and bustle, and as such repres...

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Travel guide Ulcinj

It is believed that Ulcinj is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast. They say it is more than 2000 years . This city has had a very turbulent and rich history that has plenty left its mark on...

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