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Hostels and motels Serbia | Hostels and motels in Serbia - low price cheap hostels, cheap motels, good and cheap hostels
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Hostels and motels Serbia

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ArkaBarka floating hostel Belgrade

ArkaBarka floating hostel

Arkabarka is a boat hostel & guest house in Belgrade at the river Danube. It is a contemporary wooden building situated in one of the most beautiful central parks of Belgrade. It is unique because it combines the exotic...
Hostel Backpackers lounge Belgrade

Hostel Backpackers lounge

Hostel Backpackers’ Lounge is the perfect base to explore Belgrade and the ideal choice for travellers looking for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The friendly, experienced staff at Backpackers’ Lounge is on hand t...
Hostel BB'S House Belgrade

Hostel BB'S House

Hostel is located in the Boulevard of Despot Stefan in the center of Belgrade, across from the famous Botanical Garden, known for its lush greenery, as well as within walking distance of the liveliest of nightlife to be ...
Hostel Belgrade Eye Belgrade

Hostel Belgrade Eye

At just under a kilometer from the train and bus stations, the road to the Hostel Belgrade Eye should be easy walking in all but the harshest weather. The address is 6b, Krunska street (in Cyrillic, Krunska) - from Kneza...
Hostel Belgrade Belgrade

Hostel Belgrade

Welcome to Hostel Belgrade The easiest hostel to find in Belgrade! It is located just across the highest building in Belgrade (which is called the Belgrade Lady)!!! You can see this building from almost everywhere in t...
Hostel Chillton Belgrade

Hostel Chillton

Chillton Hostel is in the ‘Belgradest’ part of the Belgrade – Vračar, and it provides budget accommodation with great facilities including a large common room with free internet + WI-FI and cable TV,  a guest kitchen wit...
Hostel Cricket Belgrade

Hostel Cricket

Cricket Hostel offers cheap and comfortable accomodation for everybody who wants to discover Belgrade - the charming and amazing city. We are located at 46 Makenzijeva Street, in the heart of Belgrade , just 15 minutes ...
Hostel Crossroad Belgrade

Hostel Crossroad

Crossroad Belgrade Hostel is a small, cozy hostel with only two bedrooms. In one there is a double bed, and in the other there are three single beds. Both rooms can be booked by one or two persons, and the one with three...
Hostel 1001 Nights Belgrade

Hostel 1001 Nights

Hostel is located in King Aleksandar Boulevard across from the park "Tašmajdan" one of the most famous parks in Belgrade, only a few minutes walk from the city center. It is characterized by good connections to all parts...
Hostel Down Town Belgrade

Hostel Down Town

The hostel is located across the street from the main bus and of railway station in Belgrade, and is ideal for travelers who are passing through. On the other hand, if you decide to stay a bit longer, not far from the ho...
Hostel Spirit Belgrade

Hostel Spirit

Spirit Hostel is elegant, comfortable and cozy hostel in Belgrade, and in its oldest part - Dorcol. We opened our doors in November 2009. If you want to discover the hospitality of Belgrade, charming and magnificent cit...
Salas Stremen Belgrade

Salas Stremen

A quiet place to enjoy, only twenty km from Belgrade. Within the farm is an equestrian club, ethnic restaurants and a park for children.
Pop art Hostel Belgrade

Pop art Hostel

POP ART HOSTEL is only designed hostel in Belgrade, Serbia ... In addition to being a unique, modern and retro at the same time, and has creatively designed interior, the hostel is luxurious and offers a superior level o...
Hostel Lucy Belgrade

Hostel Lucy

Hostel Lucy is easy to find. We are in Milesevska street No. 63, Crveni Krst (Vracar) and there is a public transport (Trolley: 19, 21, 22, 29; Bus: 83) passing by. Also, there is a car parking if you are coming by car. ...

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Travel guide Serbia

By linking the West and the East for centuries , Serbia is a country where they meet and overlap of civilization and culture , sung as a country gentle valleys, beautiful mountains , medieval churches...

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