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Monuments Serbia | Monuments in Serbia - Monuments
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Monuments Serbia

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Monument to the Defenders of Belgrade in 1915 Belgrade

Monument to the Defenders of Belgrade in 1915

"Soldiers, exactly at 3.00 the enemy should be crushed by your mighty charge, torn to pieces by your grenades and bayonets. Honor of Belgrade, our capital has to be bright. Soldiers! Heroes! Supreme Command has erased ou...
Great stairs Belgrade

Great stairs

To the death of Prince Milos, on the sloping to the Sava port there was only a narrow passage. Belgrade municipality has repeatedly tried to build the stairs, but it was prevented by the Turks. Prince Michael was convinc...
Monument to Prince Mihailo Belgrade

Monument to Prince Mihailo

Monument to Prince Mihailo work of sculptor Enrico Pazzi, was appointed as the first artistic monument in Serbia in 1882, in front of the National Theatre, the site of the former Stambol gates. On the pedestal are the na...
Cukur- fountain Belgrade

Cukur- fountain

The fountain with the sculpture at the top, built in 1931, is the work of Serbian sculptor S. Roksandic. Monument to the fountain, boy with broken jug, made in 1922, is one of the highest achievements of Serbian academic...
Memorial plaque to surrender the keys of the city the Belgrade fortresses Belgrade

Memorial plaque to surrender the keys of the city the Belgrade fortresses

It is located near the place where is publicly read firman of Sultan Abdul Azis from 6th  to 19th April in 1867. Belgrade, Kladovo, Smederevo and Sabac fortress aregiven to the administration of Duke Mihailo. The hallmar...
Memorial of Gratitude to France Belgrade

Memorial of Gratitude to France

The monument is the work of Ivan Mestrovic. The monument was erected in 1930 as a sign of friendship, mutual assistance and cooperation between Serbia and France during the First World War. It is located in Belgrade's Ka...
Fountain  Fisherman  Belgrade

Fountain Fisherman

The monument is the work of sculptor Simeon Roksandic. The monument represents fisherman who struggles with a snake. Located in the center of the circular avenue in the Great Kalemegdan. There is interesting fact related...
The tomb of national hero Belgrade

The tomb of national hero

Place is located directly below Kalemegdan fortress, it was built in 1948, and there are the tombs with four busts of national heroes: Djuro Djakovic, Ivan Milutinovic, Ivo Lola Ribar and Mose Pijade.
Japanese fountain Belgrade

Japanese fountain

Japanese fountain was erected in August 2010., In gratitude to the Japanese people for the donations received by the City of Belgrade. The fountain is the work of sculptor Bojan Mitrovic. Initiative to build a symbol of ...
Fountain Awakening Belgrade

Fountain Awakening

Fountain "awakening" was placed in front of the pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzoric" in 1936., And it is the work of the sculptor Dragomir Arambasic.
Sculpture of Tired fighter Belgrade

Sculpture of Tired fighter

Sculpture "Tired fighter" was made of bronze and was created in 1935th year based on the original marble of Tome Rosandic which is kept in the National Museum in Belgrade.
Sculpture Partizan with children Belgrade

Sculpture Partizan with children

Sculpture «Partizan with children," the work of the sculptor Jelena Jovanovic in 1950.
Monument Riga od Fere Belgrade

Monument Riga od Fere

Riga od Fere (1757 - June 24, 1798) was a Greek revolutionary poet, national hero, the predecessor and the first victim of the uprising against the Ottoman Empire. He was strangled in Nebojsa Tower in Belgrade. He encour...
Obelix in topcider park Belgrade

Obelix in topcider park

The monument dates from the second half of the nineteenth century and was erected in honor of the return and re-establishment of the Serbian Prince Milos Obrenovic dynasty, to commemorate this event it was carved in 1859...
Sculpture Zetelica Belgrade

Sculpture Zetelica

Sculpture in Topcider park in Belgrade, the only copy of decorative park sculpture of the nineteenth century in this city. It represents a woman in a life-size in a contrapposto stance with a sheaf of grain in their hand...

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By linking the West and the East for centuries , Serbia is a country where they meet and overlap of civilization and culture , sung as a country gentle valleys, beautiful mountains , medieval churches...

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