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Museums Serbia | Museums in Serbia - local museums
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Museums Serbia

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The Jewish Historical Museum Belgrade

The Jewish Historical Museum

The Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade was founded in 1948. The museum is part of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia and a unique museum in our country. Thematically specialized with very complex content. A...
The Theatre Museum Belgrade

The Theatre Museum

It was founded in 1950. Institutions is of particular importance to the culture of the Republic of Serbia. Gathers, processes and presents material related to the art of theater. Until now it has completed several hundre...
Dositej Lyceum Belgrade

Dositej Lyceum

The oldest preserved Turkish house in Belgrade, was built in the mid eighteenth century. It was the French consulate before the First Serbian Uprising. After the collapse of the First Serbian Uprising and the return of t...
The Ethnographic Museum Belgrade

The Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum is one of the oldest in the Balkans. Ethnographic Museum was established in February 1901. The permanent exhibition is on three levels . Today, the Ethnographic Museum house...
The National Museum Belgrade

The National Museum

The National Museum, the largest and oldest museum in Serbia, founded in 1844 and since then has repeatedly changed the seat. Today's building of the National Museum was built in 1903.
Building of Serbian Writers' Association Belgrade

Building of Serbian Writers' Association

It was built around 1884. Writers Association was founded on May 26, 1905, in the apartment of Serbian Literary Cooperative in the presence of 21 writers, under the presidency of Milan Đ. Milicevic. All well-known writer...
Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments Belgrade

Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments

This building was built in the late nineteenth century for the Serbian military. During the First World War it suffered significant damage, and from the 1923rd to 1927th it was reconstructed and completed in the Balkan s...
The Railway Museum Belgrade

The Railway Museum

Railway Museum was established as part of the Ministry of Railways of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The first permanent exhibition was opened on April 30, 1953, titled "Through the history of Yugoslav railwa...
The museum building 4 July of 1941 Belgrade

The museum building 4 July of 1941

In this building the members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia made decision on 4 July 1941. on the uprising against the occupying forces of the Yugoslav peoples. It was built in 1934 by Vladis...
Manak's House Belgrade

Manak's House

Manak's House was built in 1830 and named after its owner, Manak Mihailovic, trader, immigrant from Macedonia. It is situated on the regulation line of the old road that connected the Town gate and Savamala. The ground f...
The National Observatory Belgrade

The National Observatory

During clear nights get familiar with astronomy, stars and galaxies ... listen to interesting lectures during the day and try to answer the eternal question: are we really alone in the universe?

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Travel guide Serbia

By linking the West and the East for centuries , Serbia is a country where they meet and overlap of civilization and culture , sung as a country gentle valleys, beautiful mountains , medieval churches...

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