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Nightlife Serbia | Nightlife in Serbia - fun at night, night clubs reservations, night life, rafts, dating, where to go out at night
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Nightlife Serbia

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Club Brankov Belgrade

Club Brankov

Branko's bar is one of the youngest clubs in the city, but in a short time managed to pick up a number of praise and  it is ranked high on the list of favorite places to go in Belgrade. It is located on the territory of ...
Disco bar Mladost Belgrade

Disco bar Mladost

Close to the tram rails 2 and 13, in Karadjordjeva street, in ramshackle ambience of Savamala, is the Belgrade disco bar Mladost. While the day looks like a street just stopped on the ground and slowed the evening disco ...
Tavern White rabbit Belgrade

Tavern White rabbit

Start your weekend at the White bunny with soft music of the gypsy style. Tamburitza, drinks for ladies and men. White bunny is eagerly awaiting. Tamburitza and drink, and what will be will be ...
Tavern Gonak Belgrade

Tavern Gonak

Tavern GONAK on the Gardos, in Zemun, invites you to an unforgettable evening! For all of us true fans of real pub! For all of us who want fun! For all of us fans of old music live! For all of us that we agree with "glas...
Raft Breeze Belgrade

Raft Breeze

Raft Breeze, located on the Sava River from New Belgrade side. Position of the club offers unique panoramic view of the old town. The breeze is unique in many ways, ranging from ambient music genres and of course, the pe...
Club Tube Belgrade

Club Tube

The Tube Club is located in Simina 21 in downtown Belgrade. The club's capacity is 500 guests. Club work 3 days a week. Thursdays in the series Live Tube representing the Belgrade bands like Mistake Mistake, Naked, Madr...
Club Laika Belgrade

Club Laika

After several years of "maturing" of clubs Gajba (2007) and Hector (2009), a group of like-minded music embraced the ambitious enterprise adaptation of former office space on the top floor (6th floor) to the unusual and ...
Club Divljina Belgrade

Club Divljina

Mainstream / underground club with its unique interior, sound system and lighting, which could boast of only the world's best clubs promises the best urban entertainment. Tucked in the bohemian part of the city - Dorćol,...
Danguba club Belgrade

Danguba club

Danguba can accommodate about 400 guests and is ideal for those who want to have fun and enjoy the great rock gigs.
Club Dvoristance Belgrade

Club Dvoristance

Small, cozy place in Savamala at the end of the street. Near Corba Cafe - and KC Grad. Only yard consists of two parts: a covered and uncovered, so no worries for you. Type of music: funk, jazz, disco, alternative ...
KC Grad Belgrade

KC Grad

GRAD, European Centre for Culture and Debate was created at the initiative of the Cultural Front Belgrade and Felix Meritis Foundation in Amsterdam. The old warehouse that was built back in 1884 and renovated in a multi...
Club Optimist Belgrade

Club Optimist

Thanks to the enthusiasm, commitment and love of beer, a coffee bar "Optimist" was opet at the end of 1999. Tucked in the heart of Belgrade it is a must visit place for everyone who enjoys the taste of good beer and atmo...
Raft River Belgrade

Raft River

Raft "River" is located under the old railway bridge. It is characterized by a modern interior, premium sound system and lighting, as well as the fantastic atmosphere that prevails in this raft. River exudes positive ene...
Kafana Tri lepe... Belgrade

Kafana Tri lepe...

Restaurant with checkered tablecloths in block 45
Raft Knjaz Belgrade

Raft Knjaz

Raft Prince is located on the River and is an ideal place for a relaxing day and night life. Enjoy rock music, billiards and table football.

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By linking the West and the East for centuries , Serbia is a country where they meet and overlap of civilization and culture , sung as a country gentle valleys, beautiful mountains , medieval churches...

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