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Restaurants Serbia | Restaurants in Serbia - restaurant list, good restaurants, the best restaurants, recommended restaurants, list of good restaurants
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Restaurants Serbia

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Tavern Tri sesira Belgrade

Tavern Tri sesira

Tavern Tri sesira is the oldest in Skadarlija. Opened in 1864 in a house which was a craft workshop, whose trademark was three hats. When it was demolished tavern Dardanelles in 1901, which was a gathering place for bohe...
Restaurant Milagro Belgrade

Restaurant Milagro

Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant "Milagro" began its work in 2007. With carefully selected gastronomic offer complete with a great choice of aperitif, digestive, and over 200 types of wine, and it is one of the few intim...
Restaurant Zlatnik kej Belgrade

Restaurant Zlatnik kej

At the most beautiful location of the Zemun quay, the place where used to be a restaurant Szentendre. Zlatnik is for more than two decades, traditionally associated with rich gastronomic offer a high level of service. It...
Fish restaurant Galeb Belgrade

Fish restaurant Galeb

If you want to feel the real soul of Zemun, be sure to come to the seafood restaurant "Galeb", a place with the most beautiful view of the Danube. With a rich menu of seafood specialties and local cuisine awaits you and ...
Restaurant Stara Carinarnica Belgrade

Restaurant Stara Carinarnica

Old building on the bank of the Danube, built in 1723 - designed in the classical style, composed strictly symmetrical, with baroque vault was construction in the basement and ground floor., In this area is now restauran...
Restaurant Stara Kapetanija Belgrade

Restaurant Stara Kapetanija

Located on the Danube quay in Zemun, the restaurant "Old Master" almost could not be better positioned. Attractive location with beautiful shady garden and spacious restaurant is equally attractive in all seasons. Menu i...
Restaurant River Belgrade

Restaurant River

Of all the attempts to write, shorter, longer, effective, funny story of the history of the River, we liked most Stanko ​​letter: Dear River, I believed in you even when you were just a little fishery alcoholic tavern in...
Restaurant Glamoure Belgrade

Restaurant Glamoure

Event Center " Glamour" is located in the center of Zemun . "Glamour " is a thrilling , mystical space of 1100 square meters , which consists of two parts, the indoor section of 400 s...
Restaurant Talas Belgrade

Restaurant Talas

Restaurant Talas consists of two levels and its surrounded by green garden which offers views of the Danube. Menu is made up of modern Serbian dishes, and the menu is based on the origin of food, divided into two parts -...
Restaurant Balkan ekspres Belgrade

Restaurant Balkan ekspres

Beautiful garden at 50 meters above the Danube, most of the restaurants facing the Danube was done in a large glass surfaces and allows you a pleasant view of the river at any time of the year ... isolation from the crow...
Restaurant Venecija Belgrade

Restaurant Venecija

After strenuous voyages beginning of the last century, fishermen from the Danube gathered in a shack, in whose place today is a restaurant (pub) Venezia. Appearance of the building has not changed since the seventies of ...
Restaurant Frans Belgrade

Restaurant Frans

Frans is one of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade. This restaurant working more than 30 years. You will find a top-quality service, quality and above all, great food and perfect interior. It is, in any case, one el...
Bella Napoli Belgrade

Bella Napoli

Bella Napoli Restaurant , located in the heart of the old part of Zemun , near the Danube , fifty meters from the famous promenade Zemun quay . In a comfortable and family atmosphere , ...
Makao IV Belgrade

Makao IV

Chinese restaurant, Macau, opened eight years ago, in the city center, near Vuk's monument. The restaurant has two halls, with a capacity up to 50 seats. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning. Restaurants offer is bas...
Makao I Belgrade

Makao I

Chinese restaurant, Macau, opened eight years ago, in the city center, near Vuk's monument. The restaurant has two halls, with a capacity up to 50 seats. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning. Restaurants offer is bas...

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Travel guide Serbia

By linking the West and the East for centuries , Serbia is a country where they meet and overlap of civilization and culture , sung as a country gentle valleys, beautiful mountains , medieval churches...

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