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Theaters and art galleries Serbia | Theaters and art galleries in Serbia - galleries, theaters, modern art, culture
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Theaters and art galleries Serbia

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Gallery of Frescoes Belgrade

Gallery of Frescoes

The building was originally a synagogue "Beth Israel", which was destroyed by the Nazis in 1944. A dedicated building was constructed in 1952, and gallery was founded in 1953 as a special institution for the collection, ...
Cultural Centre Belgrade

Cultural Centre

The Center is a home of the arts except the theater. In a unique complex multifunctional space with a total area of over 2000m² in triple-oriented edifice Press House, a typical representative of Serbian architecture of ...
Graphic Collective Gallery Belgrade

Graphic Collective Gallery

"Graphic Collective" is a specialized institution in Serbia that encourages and nurtures the graphic arts. Creation and transformation of modern Serbian graphics in the context of contemporary art, is inseparable from th...
The National Theatre Belgrade

The National Theatre

On 13 July 1868 was founded the National Theatre in Belgrade. Upon the establishment of the National Theatre, Duke and State Council determine a new location for the theater building - a former Turkish land in Stambol ga...
The building of the Central House of the Army of Serbia Belgrade

The building of the Central House of the Army of Serbia

It was built for the Association of Reserve Officers and clerks 1929.- 1932, dsign by the project of Piperski and Jovanovic. Under the auspices of the Central club acts Chorus and Orchestra of the Serbian Army, Cinema an...
Bitef Theater Belgrade

Bitef Theater

Building Bitef theater is located near Bajloni market. Unusual appearance of this theater owes to its original purpose, and that is the unfinished building of the Evangelical Church. The construction of this building, wh...
House of Djura Jaksic Belgrade

House of Djura Jaksic

Writer and painter Duro Jaksic (1932, 1878)., Freedom-loving and rebellious, most personal among Serbian poets of Romanticism, was constantly in conflict with the environment and with the government, dismissed from servi...
Yugoslavian Art gallery Belgrade

Yugoslavian Art gallery

Here are the exposed works Save Sumanovic, Nadezda Petrovic, Leon Cohen, Sreten Stojanovic, Kosta Hakman, but also artists who are just starting a career on a regular annual exhibition of students at the Faculty of Fine ...
Gallery of Natural History Museum Belgrade

Gallery of Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum in Belgrade is one of the oldest Serbian national institutions. In Serbia, the only museum of its kind, and for its richness and variety of items is one of the leading naturalistic museum in southe...
The Yugoslav Drama Theatre Belgrade

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre was founded in 1947. Theater as a representative of the new Yugoslavia. Many of the most important actors in Zagreb, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Split, Ljubljana and other cities were invited to partic...
Theatre Atelje 212 Belgrade

Theatre Atelje 212

Theatre Atelje 212 began its life on November 12 in 1956., The premiere concert performance of Goethe's "Faust," directed by Mira Trailović, in which they played Marija Crnobori, Mata Milosevic, Viktor Starčić and Ljubis...
Theatre Slavija Belgrade

Theatre Slavija

Slavia Theatre was founded in 1998., In Belgrade!
Belgrade Drama Theatre Belgrade

Belgrade Drama Theatre

Belgrade Drama Theatre (BDT) was established in August in 1947., And was the first city theater formed in Belgrade since World War II. BDP today works with constant artistic ensemble and continues the tradition created b...
Cultural Centre "Vuk Karadzic" Belgrade

Cultural Centre "Vuk Karadzic"

Cultural Centre "Vuk Karadzic" is located in the former building of the same name built in the fifties. The program concept "Vuk Karadzic" is based on values ​​that promote new theater, stage, Debate and musical tendenci...
Theatre Dadov Belgrade

Theatre Dadov

"DADOV" (Drama studio Youth House Vračar) began work on the initiative of Zoran Ratkovic, Momcilo Baljak, Jovan Ristic and Mihajla Tosic. On December 27, in 1958. Was carried out on the first play - "Gradinar". And hal...

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Travel guide Serbia

By linking the West and the East for centuries , Serbia is a country where they meet and overlap of civilization and culture , sung as a country gentle valleys, beautiful mountains , medieval churches...

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