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Accommodation "Jankovic" were made in 2007. Apartments are fully equipped for guests. We have 4 one bedroom apartments and 5studios. Each suite has a kitchen, bathroom with shower, separate bedroom and living room, intended for 2 persons (in some apartments it is possible to stay up to 4 people) . Each studio has a bathroom, kitchen and lounge is for 2 people. Studio takes the form of small apartments so everything except the bathroom in one room. The maximum we can receive up to 26 people.

All apartments are furnished in modern style which has developed the whole family Jankovic.

Each apartment has:
  • Fully equipped kitchen (stove, fridge, sink and a set of accessories for storing food)
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Living room with sofa or sofa that pulls out
  • Air conditioning (split system)
  • Cable TV (60 TV channels in all world languages)
  • Free Wireless Internet
The apartments can enter after 13 hours and come out later than 11.30 hours (if the apartments are not ready to respect the deadline but must be arranged in advance)

Phone: 011/208-5415, Mobile phone: 062/220-0124

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Call us or send inquiry
Name: Jankovic apartments, Belgrade
Address: Mirijevski bulevar 25, Belgrad
Phone: +381 11 275 8720

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Jankovic apartments

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