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At only twenty kilometers from the center of the capital, surrounded by oak branches, on the southern slopes of Avala, is housed the institution that provides home and care to all those who decide to spent later years of their life surrounded by love, care and professional tending.

An area of ​​about two hectares of land stretches complex institutions dominated by the church of St. Petka, built with the permission of the synod of SPC. The temple with its beauty and spiritual magnetism leaves no one indifferent.

The social worker performs advisory and preventive work with customers and family and coordinate the work of a team of nurses who perform services necessary to maintain personal hygiene, hygiene and comfort of the bed, maintaining and improving the mobility of users, the health services in the field of their profession and consultancy team of medical doctors of various specialties

Nutrition is at the proposal and supervision of nutritionists

Health surveillance in related institutions: health center Vrcin, private clinics, Emergency Services, Emergency Center and Clinical Center of Serbia.

Cultural - entertainment: twice a year, for Đuđevdan and Sv.Petka organizes the arts center for a period of seven days, the celebration of the glory, birthdays, collective visit to the theater, tours.

Users are accommodated in single and double rooms and suites built at very high standards.

The institution has five apartments, seven double and one single room, in the house specially designed and constructed for this purpose.

All apartments are equipped with bathroom, telephone and TV.

The building has an independent heating, TV room, three living rooms, a library, a terrace in the atrium - to make space for cultural and entertainment activities.

Phone: 011/805-4355, 063/825-1327

Dom za stare beograd

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Name: Nursing home Sveti Djordje, Belgrade
Address: Kragujevački put VII

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Nursing home Sveti Djordje

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